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If you’re preparing for your Arizona driving test, look no further than our customized DMV practice tests. Our practice exams cover all essential topics, from road signs to traffic laws, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to confidently pass your Arizona permit test.

Which of these indicates passing is not allowed?

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When you are passing a bicycle, you should leave a safe passing distance of at least…?

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If you’re waiting to turn left, it’s safest to keep your wheels pointed in what direction?

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If a vehicle has stopped at a crosswalk, you can overtake it…?

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When driving you should be prepared to yield right-of-way under what circumstances?

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In a business or residential district, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit is…?

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It is only permissible to drive on a sidewalk under what circumstances?

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When making a turn, you should begin signaling approximately what distance before the turn?

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If a school bus is displaying flashing red lights, you should do what?

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If the car ahead of you passes a fixed point on the road, you should not pass that point until how much time has elapsed?

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Under which of these circumstances is it permissible to overtake a car on the right-hand side?

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At a T intersection without STOP or YIELD signs, who has right-of-way?

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You must dip your headlights to low beams before you are within what distance of an oncoming vehicle at night?

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The lap part of a seatbelt should be adjusted so that it lies…?

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Approaching an intersection that has no STOP or YIELD sign, you should…?

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The best way to eliminate a blind spot is to do what?

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A left turn against a red light may only be made from…?

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Left turns should be made from…?

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At a STOP sign, you should…?

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When backing up, you should check…?

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How to Ace Written Arizona Driving Test

Arizona Driving TestTo get a driver’s license in Arizona, you must pass the driving road and written tests. Other than these, there is a vision test, too. The minimum age for this test is 15 and over. This is also known as the DMV exam. You will get 30 questions in the test paper, and you have to give 24 correct answers, to get the 80% score. This will allow you to get the driver’s permit. The examinee will get 30 multiple-choice questions, and they have to give 24 correct answers to pass the written test. You will get three attempts to pass the exam within one year to get the driving permit in the state.

To pass the knowledge test, you have to study the official 2022 AZ driver handbook. It will help you on the road and in the written test. However, if you fail in the three attempts, you have to pay a fee to appear on the written test again. To prepare better, you can always take a practice Arizona driving test and get ready for the main exam. The more you practice, the more likely you are to give the right answers.

Verbal Knowledge Test in Arizona

This test will also be considered after the written exam if the situation is like,

  • If the applicant is unable to read or has low competency in this section
  • If the applicant has given incorrect answers to most of the questions on the previous or failed in the third time test.
  • If the person reads and writes in a foreign language, that dialect isn’t available in the test.
  • The DMV conducts the verbal test by appointment. You must visit the office to get one.
  • Also, there’s a computerized audio version of the written driving test, and you won’t need an appointment for this.

What does written knowledge cover?

The written driving test in Arizona covers a few important things, such as:

  • There will be an oral test if you cannot take the written test.
  • The tests are offered in various languages. If you need assistance with your mother tongue,, which is unavailable in the DMV office, you will get an interpreter option.
  • The test covers safe driving practices and traffic laws.

How do you make an appointment for the Arizona driving test?

AZ has made things easier for applicants who are driving tests. You can schedule an appointment online. Check out the instructions you need to follow:

You have to go to the ADOT Driver Service website and from there, go to the Appointment Scheduler

  • Click on the Make an Appointment tab
  • Select the type of appointment you want
  • Choose the location where you have to take the test
  • Select the time and date that is convenient for you
  • Fill up a short form with the personal information of yours
  • Confirm your selection.

The types of questions at the AZ DMV written test

You already know there will be 30 questions; you must give 24 correct answers to get an 80% pass mark. So let’s check out the type of questions you will get in the exam:

  • When you are eligible, you can legally drive on the extreme left side of the road on a multilane highway. You must choose the answer from the multiple-choice options.
  • When you are driving on a one-lane road that has three or more lanes, what must you use?
  • When a school bus stops with flashing red lights on a two-lane road, what should the driver on the other side do?
  • You will get road sign images and a question like what does the sign indicate?

Tips to pass the AZ DMV written test

The written Arizona permit test is easy. To do this, you have to study the driver’s guidebook. You can get it from the DMV office or download it online. This will help you understand the state and traffic laws. You can also follow the tips below to prepare for the exam.

  • Read the book: The best way to give perfect answers and get a good score is to read the handbook. You won’t have to stress yourself for the exam if you have memorized the book material. You can note the important parts and highlight some pages if necessary.
  • Apply for a practice test: This is very important when you have applied for the Arizona driving test. You can take the practice test online. This will polish your memory, and you can do better in the official exam.
  • Re-read the book: Reading the book once will not help you memorize the material. It’s not a storybook that you can forget about the events. This is a real-life scenario; you must put your knowledge into the papers. So, re-read the book and take notes if required.
  • Get a study guide: The DMV will offer you a cheat sheet containing sample questions, helpful tips, and license requirements. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Study thoroughly: The only way to pass the written driving is to study the handbook. It would be best to focus on specific areas of the book, like traffic laws and rules, road signs, and so on.
  • Repeat the practice test: Taking the practice test more than once will polish your memory. Also, you will be confident about the main exam. In the driving test in Arizona, you will have to answer the probable questions. This will help you ace the score.
  • Get rest and have a good breakfast: Before the test day, you must rest and sleep well. On the morning of the exam, get a full breakfast.
  • During the exam, read the questions properly: Reading the questions thoroughly will help you understand the answers. Going too fast will only make you anxious. Take your time to read the questions and then opt for the answer. While reading the material, you need to keep in mind some words like illegal, sidewalk, and so on.
  • Unknown question: If the questions sound foreign to you, it’s best to answer the next one. At last, think of the unknown question and choose the probable answer.
  • Choose a positive mindset: You have to keep a positive mindset when you are taking the driving test. Try to stay away from pessimistic thoughts and be sure of the answers you have selected.

 The DMV test in Arizona is easy. You have to take three tests: driving, writing, and visual. You must study the driver’s handbook to pass the written test. Also, you can take a practice driving test in Arizona to get a perfect score. This will help you become confident at the time of the main exam.