Get your California Driver’s License

What You’ll Need to Get your California Driver’s License

  • Prepare for the written test by completing a practice exam
  • Make an appointment at your nearest DMV office
  • Fill out the Driver License Application (Form DL 44) for a Class C driver’s license
  • Complete the vision test
  • Complete the written knowledge test
  • Provide the required documents and ID
  • Have thumbprint and ID photo taken
  • Pay the fee
  • Receive your learner’s permit
  • Practice driving with a licensed driver over 18 years old
  • Schedule your road test
  • Arrive for the test with a vehicle plus proof of vehicle registration and insurance
  • Pass the road test
  • Receive a temporary license that is valid for 90 days
  • Receive your new Class D license via U.S. mail (within 60 days)