California Road Rules Test 1

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for preparing for your California DMV written test. Whether you’re a new driver or renewing your license, our tailored practice exams are the perfect study tool to help you ace your test.


California Road Rules Test 01

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If you're waiting to turn left, it's safest to keep your wheels pointed in what direction?

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When making a turn, you should begin signaling approximately what distance before the turn?

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Roundabouts are always negotiated..?

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If a vehicle has stopped at a crosswalk, you can overtake it...?

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What is the maximum distance you may drive in a center left-turn lane?

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You must dip your headlights to low beams before you are within what distance of an oncoming vehicle at night?

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At a STOP sign, you should...?

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It is illegal to leave a child unattended in a motor vehicle if they are at or below what age?

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The best way to eliminate a blind spot is to do what?

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If you are under 21, your driving privileges will be revoked for a year if you have a blood alcohol concentration 'BAC' of over...?

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When driving you should be prepared to yield right-of-way under what circumstances?

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If daytime conditions turn poor, you should turn on your lights if you cannot see what distance ahead of you?

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If you are convicted of causing a serious bodily injury while attempting to evade police pursuit you can be subjected to what fine and/or jail term?

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On a two-lane undivided highway, what is the maximum speed limit unless otherwise posted?

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If a school bus is displaying flashing red lights, you should do what?

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If the car ahead of you passes a fixed point on the road, you should not pass that point until how much time has elapsed?

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When you are passing a bicycle, you should leave a safe passing distance of at least...?

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A left turn against a red light may only be made from...?

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At a T intersection without STOP or YIELD signs, who has right-of-way?

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If you are under 21 and caught carrying alcoholic beverages in your vehicle without a parent present or with the container opened, your vehicle can be impounded for up to how long?

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If you need to drive into a bicycle lane to make a turn, you may only do so within what distance of your intersection?

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In a business or residential district, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit is...?

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It is only permissible to drive on a sidewalk under what circumstances?

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When backing up, you should check...?

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The lap part of a seatbelt should be adjusted so that it lies...?

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Left turns should be made from...?

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Which of these indicates passing is not allowed?

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Under which of these circumstances is it permissible to overtake a car on the right-hand side?

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You must carry insurance when driving in California that provides a minimum of what sum for causing a single death or injury?

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Approaching an intersection that has no STOP or YIELD sign, you should...?

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What Resources Do You Need to Prepare For Your California DMV Written Test?

 California DMV Written TestPassing the California DMV written test is essential for obtaining your learner’s permit. You must get at least 83% of the answers correctly to succeed.

Want to know how to start preparing for your California DMV written test? Here are some valuable resources you can tap:

Get hold of the California DMV Handbook

The DMV office in every state releases its handbook to help people prepare for the DMV written test.  It is a comprehensive guide that covers all major topics included in the test, such as:

  • Laws and rules of the road
  • Parking
  • Safe driving practices
  • Sharing the road
  • Handling emergencies
  • Laws regarding alcohol and drug use

Try to study it in sections and then test yourself after completing each. Thoroughly memorize all traffic signs.

Studying the handbook is not just a means to pass the written test. The knowledge you gain from it will greatly facilitate you when you are finally ready to drive on the road.

Take a free DMV practice test

DMV practice tests available online are vital for written test preparation. They have a pattern similar to the original test, making them excellent for testing your knowledge.

The practice tests are customized for each state to ensure efficiency as practice tools. When you search for them on the website, you choose the practice test created for California.

It is best to make an organized study schedule and take the practice tests after you have finished studying the course. Since the tests are online, you have the advantage of taking them on any device convenient for you, such as your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Consult an experienced driver

You are likely to know an adult family member or friend who is already driving and has taken the California DMV written test. Talk to someone you feel comfortable with and ask them questions about the test.

If you require clarification regarding a certain concept, discuss it with an experienced driver to understand it better. They can likely provide you with a few tips and tricks that can help you ace the test.

A good time to ask questions is when you are on the road with an adult in the driving seat. You can ask them to explain their driving preferences, such as why they changed the lane on a particular road.

Supportive adults can give you extra knowledge and motivate you to succeed in your written driving test.

Keep an eye out for road signs

There are some important road signs that you need to be able to recognize for passing your DMV written test. They include:

  • Regulatory signs
  • Construction and maintenance signs
  • Guide signs
  • Hazardous loads placards
  • Warning signs

You will find information regarding these signs in the driver’s handbook. Every time you are a passenger in a car, look out for these signs on the road to see how they are used in real life.

Try to retain their image as you pass them so you can visualize them when you appear for the test later. You are likely to recall things you have seen in practical life easily.

Sleep well

Try to sleep well the night before the test and consume a wholesome breakfast in the morning.

It is a good idea to do some light exercise in the morning to activate your mind and body. If possible, schedule your test early in the morning to avoid stressing over it during the major part of the day.

Studying the driver’s handbook and taking sufficient practice tests are key to preparing for the California DMV written test. Additional tips, such as consulting an adult driver and observing road signs in real life, will help you take a more holistic approach to driving in California.

Practice here with our free California DMV practice test.