California Road Rules Test 5

Many people underestimate the importance of practicing before their driver’s license test. However, taking practice exams helps you familiarize yourself with the material and improves your understanding and retention of important driving laws and regulations.


California Road Rules Test 05

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Which of these reasons makes it permissible for a child under eight years of age to ride in the front seat of a vehicle (using a federally-approved child passenger restraint system)?

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In which of these locations must you not make a U-turn?

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If you need to cross several lanes on the freeway, you should cross them...?

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Which of these is not a good way of avoiding aggressive driving?

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What is the number of vehicles that can be towed by passenger vehicles, whatever their weight?

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Which of these is an approved way of signaling you have an emergency?

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Under what circumstances can you drive alone on an instruction permit?

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Which of these is the only permitted position for the use of an electronic wireless communications device?

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You must always turn on your headlights if visibility does not permit clear recognition of people or vehicles from what distance?

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If the road is icy, you should...?

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Which of these is a danger presented by flooding on a roadway?

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The best way to deal with fog or heavy smoke is what?

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At an intersection, a blind person takes a step backwards and withdraws their cane. What does this mean?

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When driving on the freeway, you should signal your intention to exit for approximately how long before you reach the exit?

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A child (below 6 years of age) may be left in a parked vehicle if they are under the supervision of a person of at least what age?

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If you are driving down the road with oncoming traffic to your left and parked cars on the right, which course should you steer?

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Once you've been passed by an emergency vehicle with siren and/or flashing lights on, you must not follow it within what distance?

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Your vehicle is in danger of hydroplaning in wet conditions at speeds over...?

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When dealing with a curve in slippery conditions, you should...?

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On a wet road, you should reduce your speed by...?

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If another driver is dazzling you with high beam headlights at night, what should you do?

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If in poor weather conditions you cannot see more than 100 feet ahead of your vehicle, you must keep your speed below...?

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For a first conviction for DUI, the maximum fine/jail time can be what?

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If stopping, standing, and parking are all banned in an area, what color will the curb be?

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If you are stopped by a peace officer, you must produce...?

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If you place a Lincoln penny head down in your tire groove, your tires need replacing if...?

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When driving in high winds, you should...?

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You should not overtake another vehicle approaching a curve or a hill unless the curve or hill is what distance away (minimum)?

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Sun glare is often at its most dangerous at what time?

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You should not begin passing maneuver within what distance of intersections, bridges, tunnels, railroad crossings, or other areas that could cause concern?

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Prepare for the DMV Driving Test California with Confidence

DMV Driving Test CaliforniaWhen preparing for the written DMV driving test California, it is important to prepare for the test well. This article will prove to be helpful, as it will provide some beneficial tips regarding how to prepare for the written DMV driving test in California, along with what resources you will need. Also, the issue of why it is important to take a practice test will be addressed.


How to prepare?

When you are considering how to prepare for the written DMV driving test California, one of the best things that you can do to prepare is not to worry. Worrying will not help you. You will likely achieve a much better score on your written test when you do not worry. If you prepare well, then you will succeed in your test.

Another way to prepare for the test is to access the available resources. When you access the resources, you will be more prepared for the written driving test. It is always smart to access resources, and the good news is that many of the resources are actually free. Some resources include the California Drivers Handbook, apps, and online practice tests.

Another way to prepare for the driving test is to set aside enough time to study. You should read the handbook well and review it often. This will help you better retain the information when it is time to take the written DMV driving test in California.

Then another way to prepare for the test is to look at online driving tests. Read over the questions even before you take the practice test yourself. Then, study those sections. Then, take the practice test. You’ll be better prepared for the practice and real written tests.

Furthermore, you should book a time to take the test when you are not exhausted from a long day of study or hard work. You can perform better on the test when you are refreshed, have good rest, and are not stressed out. That is why taking the test before going to work or school would be wise. You can also arrange to take the test when you have a free day with nothing else going on.

To help you prepare even further, talking to someone who has already recently taken the test may be helpful. Learn from the person’s experience. Please find out the hardest questions for them so that you can better prepare by studying the answers to those questions even more. Also, talking to someone will boost your confidence in your preparedness for the test and help reduce your fear of taking the test. For example, if someone else found that the test was not scary or difficult, you will have the peace of mind that you will also likely do well.

What resources will you need?

You must obtain a California Driver’s Handbook. This handbook contains important information about traffic, driving, and safety laws. When you read this manual and know it well, you will be prepared for the written DMV driving test based on the information in this handbook.

Also, some apps can help you prepare for the test and keep you accountable for studying for it. Thus, you may consider the DMV Permit Test and Drivers Ed apps.

Moreover, another truly helpful resource is the use of online tests. Online tests will aid you in gaining confidence in being prepared for the real written test.

Why taking a practice test is important?

When you take a practice test, you will have access to your score, showing you how well you achieved. For the questions you did not answer correctly, you can spend more time studying them to ensure that you answer them correctly during the written test.

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