Georgia Road Rules Test 3

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Georgia Road Rules Test 03

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Which of these hand signals indicates a driver is turning right?

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How many people are killed in the US each year due to distracted driving?

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You should check the grooves on your tires at least...?

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At 40 mph in normal driving conditions, emergency stopping distance will be approximately...?

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What lights should you use when driving in heavy fog?

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If you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer, what should you do with your hands?

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Which of these is a sign that you are starting to feel drowsy when driving?

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If you are driving and the vehicle in front of you passes a fixed point, e.g., a tree, you should not reach that point until how long has elapsed?

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You must not park within what distance of any fire apparatus stopped in answer to a fire alarm?

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You must not park within what distance of a crosswalk at an intersection?

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What are the maximum and minimum distances you should stop from a railroad crossing?

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Children in passenger vehicles must be properly restrained in a child passenger restraining system appropriate for their height and weight if they are aged below...?

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What is the speed limit in Georgia on rural interstates?

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Traffic striping (diagonal yellow lines) indicates what?

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You may only drive in/over a bicycle lane for what purpose?

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On multilane roads, unless passing, you should remain in...?

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When a turn lane is present, you may not enter it more than what distance before your turn?

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Drivers under the age of 21 will have their license suspended for six months on first conviction for which of these offenses?

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If you have to make or return a call on your cell phone when driving, what should you do?

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When approaching a curve, you should...?

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If you accidentally leave the roadway, what should you do?

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You should lower your headlights when you get within what distance of a vehicle you are following?

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If you start to skid, what should you do with your steering?

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You may not make a passing maneuver on two lane roads within what distance of a railroad crossing?

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When making a left turn into a multi-lane carriageway, you should be aiming to finish your turn in what lane?

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5 Tips for Passing Your Georgia DMV Permit Test

 Georgia DMV Permit TestTaking a driver’s test, no matter your driving skill level, is always nerve-wracking. A study conducted by an insurance company revealed that 1 out of 5 drivers didn’t pass their driving test. While individuals can always retake the Georgia DMV Permit Test, everyone wants to succeed in their first attempt. Passing it the first time saves time, effort, and the pressure of studying again. Here are some tips to help you pass your Georgia road test.

Familiarize yourself with Your State’s Laws

You can download a Georgia Driver’s Handbook online or from your local DMV. But don’t just open the booklet and casually browse it. Sure, it is long, and it can be quite stressful to read it word for word. But, you need to familiarize yourself with the content inside as it’ll be asked in the exam. Read it without stress the first time to get a general idea of what it’s about; then, you can later fine-tune your studying. Write down some notes and highlight some important points.

Do Several Practice Tests Online

Once you know the handbook, you can gauge your skills using online practice tests. However, since laws vary from state to state, choose the right state. These tests may not be useful for individuals who are unsure of what state they are in. Practice tests help one discover which areas they need further reading. They also help individuals know what to expect in the real test.

Re-read the Booklet Again

Once you discover which sections need more practice, go back to your handbook and read through them thoroughly, ensuring you’re not missing anything. What’s important is to make sure that you study again and again. You’ll retain more information with repeated studying. We advise focusing on specific numbers like speed limits in different places, such as schools, residential, etc.

One can even take advantage of study guides like, which offer a good DMV cheat sheet, which saves time. This sheet features sample questions, what’s needed to obtain a license, and other useful tips.

Retake Practice Tests

You can take as many practice tests as possible. Practice increases your perfection. Get used to the feel and look of the test so you’re not surprised during your exam. When you’re tired, take a break, then do it again.

Read Questions Thoroughly and Answer Keenly

After putting so much effort into preparing for your test, the last thing you should do is miss or misread any question because you were too fast. Driving tests are usually tricky. Therefore, individuals should ensure that they get the wording right. Confusing words often used include right or left turn, legal or illegal, sidewalk or crosswalk, etc. Don’t try answering a question before reading the whole thing.

Additionally, when you come to a question you’re not sure of its answer, don’t panic. Studying the cheat sheets lets you rule out the best possible answer. Take a deep breath and pick the answer that makes the most sense.

Things to Know Before Taking a Georgia Road Test

Applicants should first schedule a road test appointment ahead of time. You can’t walk in and take the exam. Appointments can be scheduled online, but ensure you have a valid email address where the road test confirmation will be sent. Also, note that the system automatically schedules an immediate appointment date when booking online. Individuals can do their tests at any Department of Driver Services that conducts these exams. We also advise arriving at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time. Latecomers will likely be rescheduled for another day.

Requirements for the Georgia Road Test

If you’re an adult, you’ll need to prove that you’ve completed 40 hours of driving under supervision, and that includes 6 hours of driving at night. Also, you should have proof that you passed the driver’s license knowledge test.

For applicants who are under 18 years old, they’ll need to present a Certificate of School Enrollment, a Learner’s permit that must have been held for at least one year, an Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program Certificate, and a form signed by their parent or guardian who also accompanies them to their test. Additionally, those who are 16 years old should bring their Joshua’s Law Certificate.

Your vehicle should pass the safety inspection; otherwise, it won’t be allowed to be tested. Individuals must also bring a bill of sale for cars bought within the last 30 days or those with temporary tags. You should also bring your vehicle’s insurance and a registration card.

Final Thoughts

The Georgia Driving Test can be a bit challenging. However, with the above tips, you can succeed with your first attempt. Note that you’ll have to score at least 75% to pass. But even if you fail, do not worry; you can always retake this test within seven days.