Georgia Road Rules Test 4

  • Study the driver’s manual: Read and understand the Georgia Driver’s Manual thoroughly. This is where you will find all the information and rules necessary for passing your DMV test.
  • Take practice tests multiple times: The more you practice, the better you will become at answering questions and understanding the material.
Which of these hand signals indicates a driver is turning left?

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On the expressway, you may back up…?

Question 2 of 25

You may only stop on an expressway shoulder…?

Question 3 of 25

You may not make a passing maneuver on two lane roads within what distance over a bridge, viaduct or tunnel?

Question 4 of 25

When pulled over by a law enforcement officer, what should you do with your documentation?

Question 5 of 25

Skids are most likely to happen on wet roads…?

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You should lower your headlights when vision is reduced to less than…?

Question 7 of 25

At an intersection, crosswalks exist…?

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In which of these situations does a pedestrian have right-of-way?

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If you give incorrect or incomplete information on your license application, it may be…?

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You should always take extra care around large trucks because they have larger…?

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What is the speed limit in Georgia on urban interstates or multilane divided highways?

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When following a motorcycle you should increase your following distance by at least…?

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Bicyclists have a right to occupy…?

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Any person wishing to drive in Georgia must obtain a Georgia driver's license within what time of becoming a resident?

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You will have your Georgia driver's license revoked if you commit how many serious offenses within five years ?

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You should stay out of other drivers' blind spots, being especially careful around…?

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When you're traveling in front of a commercial motor vehicle, it is recommended that you should give them the space of one car length for every…?

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The only time you do not have to stop for a school bus with flashing lights that is loading or unloading passengers is…?

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How many violation points will you receive for a first conviction for breaking the hands-free law?

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You must not park within what distance of a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic control signal?

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A DUI suspension for a blood alcohol concentration over .08 will be for a minimum of…? (First offense)

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A second DUI suspension will see your license suspended for a minimum period of…?

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Crashes involving deer are responsible for what percentage of automobile crashes reported in Georgia each year?

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With standard passenger cars, hydroplaning can begin at a speed as low as…?

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5 Things You Should Know Before Booking Georgia Driver's Permit Test

Georgia Driver's Permit Test Taking the Georgia written knowledge test can be nerve-wracking. More than 50% of candidates fail because they are anxious or failed to prepare. The good news is, there is nothing to worry about. Many people have taken the written exam and passed. Today, they are all experienced drivers driving in Georgia.

Want to know what you should do before booking your driver’s permit test?

This post will discuss five things you should know before booking a Georgia driver’s permit test. 

1. Study the Drivers Manual

You must study the driver’s manual to pass your driver’s permit test. This free guide contains everything you need to know about driving and the permit test. You can download the free guide online or pick up a hard copy at the Department of Driving Services near you.

The driver’s manual has several sections, such as:

  • General licensing information
  • Obtaining a license, permit, and identification card
  • Testing information
  • Traffic laws
  • Teen driving laws
  • Safety guidelines
  • Losing your driving privileges

As your go-to guide, you need to read everything. Study the information like you would for a school test. If using your laptop or tablet, use apps to highlight important points. This makes it easy to re-read the guide.

You need to know that the driver’s permit test questions are usually based on information found in this guide.

2. Take the Practice Tests

While studying helps you learn, passing your driver’s permit test is not enough. It would be best if you take practice tests. Practice tests contain questions randomly selected from a database containing hundreds of questions.

These questions help you to prepare for the real test. First, you’ll familiarize yourself with the questions’ style and phrasing. Knowing the test format and how the questions appear will increase your chances of passing the driver’s permit test.

Besides understanding the test better, practice tests help you learn the material effectively. People who create tests want to catch the learners off guard. As such, they will reference things you might not have much time to study. While reading the driver’s manual helps you memorize, practice tests ensure you’re 100% prepared.

It also helps you retain the information much better. Practice tests enhance your confidence. As said earlier, tests are nerve-wracking, and many people freak out, failing the test. Practice tests prepare you in advance, giving you the confidence to face the real exam.

3. Have the Necessary Documents

You must meet all the requirements before taking the driver’s permit test. One of those requirements is having the right documents. According to the Department of Driving Services, you’ll need the following documents. Make sure to collect them before the exam.

  • Proof of identity – birth certificate, passport, etc
  • Proof of social security number – social security card, W-2, etc
  • Proof of US citizenship
  • Proof of residence – financial statement, utility bill, etc

You’ll also be required to have your Georgia DDS Certificate of Attendance notarized by your high school. This form is valid for 30 days.

4. Must Attain a Score of 75% or Higher

The driver’s permit test must start 30 minutes to allow for adequate time for testing and issuance. The candidate is also required to attain a 75% or higher score. That means, out of the 40 questions in the driver’s permit test, you must answer 30 or more correctly.

The test is divided as follows:

  • Road Rules test
  • Road Signs test

The Road Rules test includes questions about driver responsibility and safe driving practices. This test is available in English. To pass, you must answer 15 out of 20 questions.

Next is the Road Signs Test. It consists of questions about the meaning of standard highway signs. You’ll identify road signals, markers, and signs. This test is available in English only. The candidate must read and understand simple English in directional signs and highway traffic markers.

Like the Road Rules test, you must answer 15 out of the 20 questions. This means you can only get five questions wrong in each section. If you pass one section and fail the other, the Department of Driving Services will require you to retake the section you failed.

5. How to Schedule Your Driver’s Permit Test?

The GA Department of Driver Services has an online portal where you can schedule the test. You can also visit your local Department of Driver Services or call the contact center. You must begin taking the driver’s permit test 30 minutes before closing.

Applicants who fail the test once will retake it. They must wait for at least seven days for a second, third, or subsequent time. There is a 30-day waiting period to retest for applicants who fail the Road Skills Test due to traffic violations or accidents.

Please note that all retesting is subject to reservation availability.

Final Thoughts

You must not bring your cell phones, tablets, and laptops to the testing center. Also, pens, pencils, paper, and other items are prohibited in the testing area. You must not speak to other applicants during the test.

When you obtain your driver’s permit, you have permission to drive only with a passenger aged 21 years or older. You must also have your unexpired Class C driver’s license.