Georgia Road Rules Test 1

Our practice exams cover all the essential topics you need to know to pass the Georgia permit test. From road signs and signals to traffic laws and regulations, our tests are designed with a keen focus on Georgia’s unique driving rules. We also provide detailed explanations for each question so you can learn from your mistakes and improve your knowledge.


Georgia Road Rules Test 01

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If an emergency vehicle using lights and/or sirens comes up behind you, you should...?

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Which of these hand signals indicates a driver is stopping?

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On a two-lane highway, you may only pass a vehicle on the right if...?

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When faced with a stop sign, you must...?

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At a four way intersection where all drivers face stop signs, which driver should proceed first?

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When approaching a yield sign, you should...?

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Which of these has right-of-way over you if you are turning left into an alley or private driveway?

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If you are approaching a school bus with flashing yellow lights, what must you do?

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When passing a bicyclist, you must leave a minimum of how much space?

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If your vehicle is disabled on the highway, you must attempt to position it so it can be clearly seen for how far in both directions?

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Which of these offers the highest level of distraction when driving?

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Under what circumstances is it appropriate to flash turn signals other than to make a turn?

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Passing zones are indicated by what?

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When making a left turn, which lane should you position yourself in on a three-line carriageway?

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When executing a passing maneuver, you must be able to complete the return to the right lane before oncoming traffic gets within what distance of your vehicle?

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You must not park within what distance of a fire hydrant?

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Driving under the influence of intoxicants can result in a maximum fine and/or jail sentence of...?

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The accompanying driver for a person with a Class C Instructional Permit must sit where?

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Parking is prohibited in which of these areas?

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The “move over” law means that you must move to another line if it is occupied by...?

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When commencing parallel parking, you should be approximately what distance from the other car, door to door?

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If you are turning right from the right-hand lane of a three-lane carriageway into another three-lane carriageway, which lane should you end up in on the new road?

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If two vehicles reach an intersection with no signage or traffic lights at the same time, which must yield?

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What is the speed limit in Georgia in any urban or residential district?

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You may make a right turn on a red light as long as you...?

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Georgia Driving Practice Test Questions That Improve Your Driving

Georgia Driving Practice Test When you are ready to start driving, you should begin learning the road rules and signs to prepare for the Georgia Permit test. The Georgia Driving Practice test is an entry-level quiz meant to aid new drivers in answering questions similar to those from the real DDS test. The Georgia driving practice test has a passing score of seventy-five percent, meaning that you must answer thirty out of forty questions correctly to pass both the real and the practice test.

However, it is advisable to get everything correct on the practice test, as it improves your chances of passing the real test and getting a permit. The Georgia Driving Practice test can be taken as many times as necessary to be fully confident with the answers and knowledge of road safety, signs, and rules. The more practice you do, the easier it becomes for you to cover Georgia’s driver’s manual, making your test manageable.

Using the Georgia Driving Practice Test Questions

The Georgia Department of Driving Services requires every driver to have a valid driving license to confirm that the driver is familiar with Georgia’s driver’s manual’s contents. The manual’s facts help you pass the real written Georgia driver’s test and become a good Georgia driver. The questions from the practice test are a lot similar to those in the real DMV test. Hence, they help prepare you better. These tests are specifically designed for Georgia’s state and have answers in the manual.

What the questions cover

The Georgia Driving Practice Test questions are meant to improve drivers’ knowledge of road rules, regulations, and safety signs. The Georgia driving practice test questions cover all road rules, road signs, pavement markings, traffic signals, and general traffic rules that first-time drivers need to know before getting on the road. The test questions and answers are derived from a general DMV test to help you become a qualified Georgian Driver.

The practice test features two sections with twenty questions, one regarding road rules and the other about road signs. To pass this test, you must get a minimum score on both sides of the examination. Working through these practice tests before taking the real Georgia Driving Permit exam is advisable to ascertain that you can answer any random question.

Test questions that improve your driving

The Georgia Driving Practice Test has different questions to test your understanding of road safety, signs, laws, and regulations. The practice tests cover other things, with easy questions about the basics of driving in Georgia, basic road signs and intersections, traffic lights, lane changing, and blind spots. This initial practice test also asks questions regarding seat belt use, tailgating, sharing the road with other vehicles, and highway driving.

There is another practice test that has questions about fines and limits. These questions about fines, regulations, traffic citations, speed limits, insurance, DUI, and other point system questions are also covered in the practice test and the actual test. There are also questions about distracted driving covering modern driving distractions, such as smartphones, and the effects of drugs and medications on driving. The questions test whether the driver is aware of alcohol and drugs’ effects on driving abilities, such as Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), the implied consent law of the state, and Driving Under the Influence( DUI).

The practice test questions also cover the exam simulator part, which, just like the actual DDS examination, mimics the experience of a real DDS test by pulling random questions from a pervasive database. This test has the same number of questions you can answer or skip, and the passing score is the same as the real Georgia Driving Permit test.

What is the passing score on the Georgia Driving Practice Test Questions?

The passing score for the practice test questions is similar to that of the real DDS written test questions, 80 percent, with the road signs and road rules tests being counted together. However, this score is not good enough if you want to be a qualified Georgian Driver. You have to do more practice to answer the questions better.