Georgia Road Rules Test 5

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Georgia Road Rules Test 05

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When approaching an oncoming cyclist at night, what should you do?

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How many violation points will you receive for a first conviction for breaking child restraint laws?

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Because of the small profile of a motorcycle, they may appear to be...?

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If a deer runs out in front of you, which of these should you never do?

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Which of these is not one of Georgia's '3 most basic traffic laws' ?

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If your vehicle starts hydroplaning, what should you do?

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Persons 21 or older are considered under the influence of alcohol if they have an alcohol weight of what in their blood?

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On a second DUI suspension, you may be eligible to resume driving with an ignition interlock permit after how long?

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If you experience a tire blowout, which of these should you not do?

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Any change of address from that registered with your license must be notified to the DDS within what time frame?

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What is the speed limit in Georgia for all areas not specifically mentioned in other legislation (urban/residential districts, unpaved county roads, road interstates, urban interstate/multilane divided highways)?

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You must not park within what distance of a point opposite a fire station driveway?

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If you ignore regulation speed limits in a work zone, what is the maximum fine and/or jail term you can be given?

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You should always allow a motorcycle...?

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You must not park within what distance of a railroad crossing?

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Persons below the age of 21 are considered under the influence of alcohol if they have an alcohol weight of what in their blood?

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If a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle traveling at 40 mph, what is the chance of their survival?

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On multilane roads, you should stop at least how far before a crosswalk if a pedestrian is crossing?

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Which of these may be a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning?

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In which situations do blind pedestrians with guide dogs or white walking canes have right-of-way?

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When driving long distances on expressways, the best way to avoid 'highway hypnosis' is to do what?

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Under which of these circumstances is it permissible to coast down a hill in neutral?

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If you have to stop on the expressway due to an emergency, you should do what?

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If you are involved in a crash, you must notify the nearest law enforcement agency if anyone is killed or injured or property damage exceeds...?

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The most common time for deer to be seen along highways in Georgia is what?

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Can You Pass Your Knowledge Test Without Taking a Georgia Learners Permit Practice Test?

Georgia Learners Permit Practice Test When the day finally comes for you to become a Georgia driver, most people wonder if taking the Learners Permit Practice Test before going in for the knowledge test is necessary. Georgia’s knowledge test is a requirement for all potential drivers in the state, and all applicants must take and pass it to get their Georgia licenses. This test has a selection of questions that cover road rules and another section covering road signs, both of which you must pass. Before you grab your keys and are ready to get behind the wheel in Georgia, you need to pass the Georgia knowledge test and to do well in this test; you need to do well in your permit practice test.

Is there a need for a practice test before the knowledge test?

In Georgia, knowledge tests are given on a walk-in basis at all DDS customer service centers, so ensure to get there early to have adequate time for the test. Georgia’s state permits applicants to take a Drivers Ed class from as young as 14 years old to help them learn about the various road rules and signs. This is crucial in passing the Georgia learners permit test as all the information and material needed are taught in these classes. Once you have satisfactorily taken a Drivers Ed class and thoroughly studied the Driver’s manual, taking a few practice tests is advisable to help with memory. The Georgia Learners Permit Practice tests help you prepare for your knowledge test and fully understand the Georgia driver’s manual information.

The information required to pass the GA learners permit practice tests is all included in the Georgia Driver’s Manual. These tests help give an insight into the type of questions likely to be asked in the knowledge test, which improves your chances of getting certification as a Georgia driver. To get your Georgia driver’s license or learner’s permit, you must pass the 40-question knowledge test with a pass mark of seventy-five percent. If you cannot pass either or both sections of the test, you can return for a retake of the section you failed.

What are the requirements to pass the Knowledge Test for a Georgia Driving Permit?

States have different requirements for applicants to verify their driving permits, and Georgia is no exception. In addition to being over fifteen years old, Georgia’s state requires all applicants to pass a vision and knowledge exam with a minimum score of fifteen out of twenty correct answers on each test. The knowledge test consists of road signs and road rules tests, both of which require the practice of the information in the Georgia Driver’s Manual to pass.

Preparing for the Georgia Knowledge Test

Many first-time drivers are anxious about passing their written Georgia driver’s license test, which is natural. It is common to feel nervous and overwhelmed before getting a driver’s license, which is a big deal in Georgia. Preparing for the Georgia Knowledge test can be easy with the help of the Georgia Driver’s Manual, found in any DDS office, and the Georgia practice permit tests.

The more you practice, the better you get, and when the time comes for you to take your knowledge test, things will be easier. Once you have read and studied the Georgia Driver’s Manual and taken an optional Driver’s Ed class, take a few practice tests to help with memory. The practice tests help you understand the information required to pass your knowledge test; about three are online. This practice test questions the applicant’s knowledge of road signs and a Road Rules test to gauge your understanding of the Driver’s manual.

After successfully taking and passing the practice tests, it is time to head to the DDS for your knowledge test with all the required documents. Passing the Georgia permit test seems overwhelming, but as long as you take enough practice tests, there is no cause for alarm. Walk in confidently to the DDS office and ace your written driving exam in readiness to become a certified Georgia Driver!