How to Acquire Florida Driver’s License

Are you above 16 years old and residing in Florida? If yes, you’re probably eager to drive yourself around. But first, you’ll need to acquire a valid Florida driver’s license.

This article will cover the process you’ll need to take to get the license. Let’s get down to it.

Acquire Florida Driver's License

Complete The TLSAE Course

If it’s your first time applying for a driver’s license, you must enroll in a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE). The purpose of the TLSAE course is to educate drivers about the effects of substance abuse and the safety and basic rules of the road.

The course is offered in most high schools in Florida. However, you can choose a selected service provider and enroll in the course if you’re an adult. Don’t forget that the course can be done online via your smartphone or laptop.

Pass The Vision and Hearing Test

Of course, you must pass a vision and hearing test if you want to get behind the wheel. You can wear corrective lenses or a hearing aid before the test if you have any eyesight or hearing problems. However, you will have restrictions on record requiring you to always wear the lenses or hearing aids while driving.

The vision and hearing test can be done physically at any Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (FDHSMV) location.

Pass The Class E Knowledge Test

Before you’re eligible for the learner’s permit, you must pass the class E knowledge test or the written test.

All the questions in the class E knowledge test are derived from the Florida driver’s handbook, so you better read it before the written test. To ace the test, you’ll need to correctly answer 80 percent of the questions, which means 40 out of 50 questions should be correct.

Prerequisite Eligibility for Candidates

To be eligible for the Florida driving test, you must be above the age of 16 years. On top of that, you must have held the learner’s license for one year.

A parent or guardian can fill in the Certification of Minor Driving Experience form if you’re a minor. This is done to certify that the student driver has completed 50 hours of driving experience under supervision. Of course, you must show proof that you’ve completed the TLSAE course and Florida class E knowledge test before taking the driving test.

Pass The Driving Test

Finally, the last step before acquiring a driver’s license is passing the Florida or Class E Driving Skills Test. The test is done at any FDHSMV center under strict supervision.

You can schedule the test online using the FDHSMV online appointment service and information system. On the day of the test, you’ll need to come with an insured vehicle that has a valid license plate. Don’t forget the vehicle has to be road-worthy so that it can pass the safety inspection test.

During the driving test, you will be examined on your ability to perform basic maneuvers. Some basic maneuvers you will be tested include backing up, signaling and turning, staying in the proper lane, following at a safe distance, and lane changes.

You can read the Florida driver’s license handbook to prepare for the driving test since it covers everything you need to know.

However, if you have a valid foreign driver’s license with an international driver’s permit, you don’t need to take the Class E Driving test to be allowed to drive in Florida.

Nonetheless, if your foreign-issued driver’s license expires, you may be required to take the driving test.

Submit the Required Documents

After completing the driving test, you must submit documents at the FDHSMV location. The documents to be presented are proof of identification, proof of residential address, and proof of social security number.

You need proof of identity, your original birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, or a U.S. passport.

For proof of residential address, you can show a bill with your address or a school transcript from the current school year that shows your address. If you don’t have the documents, you can provide your parents’ or guardians’ address and certification of address form.

An original W-2 form or a social security card will be enough as proof of your social security number.

However, if you are a minor, you must bring a parental consent form, parent proctoring form, and a Certification of Minor Driving Experience form. The forms listed ought to be signed in the presence of the FDHSMV License examiner or a notary public.