Illinois Road Rules Test 5

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  • Take breaks: Taking breaks while studying is essential to avoid burnout and help retain information better.
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Illinois Road Rules Test 05

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Any person attempting to take part of the driver's license examination for another person will be jailed for a minimum of how long?

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Your foot brake must be able to stop a vehicle traveling at 20 mph in what distance?

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At a white stop line, you must stop with...?

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When supervising a driver with an instruction permit, the supervisor must sit...?

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A driver who has had a suspension for refusing chemical tests or has been convicted of DUI within the last five years will be suspended for how long if they refuse to take a chemical test again?

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If you legally change your name, you must update your driver's license/ID card within what time?

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At night, you should always dim your full beam headlights before coming within what distance of a vehicle you are following?

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Your taillights must be visible at night from what distance?

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If your vehicle has an airbag, you should position yourself so that you are at least what distance from it?

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In foggy conditions, you should pull off the roadway and stop if the fog is so dense that it is not safe to drive above what speed?

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If you encounter an aggressive or angry motorist, what should you do?

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What is the speed limit in an alley in Illinois?

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If you are driving a slow-moving vehicle it should have a flashing amber signal visible from what distance in sunlight?

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If you are parking on a street without curbing, which way should you point your wheels?

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You must not park within what distance of a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic control signal?

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If you are involved in a crash, you must report it to the Illinois Department of Transportation within what time?

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The “Dutch Reach” to protect cyclists when opening doors involves opening the door with...?

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Which of these is the only way to remove the influence of alcohol?

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If your brake pedal suddenly sinks to the floor, what should you do?

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Your turn signals must be visible from what distance?

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If you come across a roadway/viaduct flooded with heavy rain, what should you do?

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With certain exceptions, those under 18 will not be permitted to apply for a driver's license if they...?

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If you miss your exit on an expressway, what should you do?

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How many DUI convictions will see a driver automatically lose their driving privileges for life?

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Drivers aged 16/17 may have their driving privileges revoked by...?

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Getting Ready With the Illinois DMV Practice Test? Here’s What to Know!

Illinois DMV Practice TestGetting your Illinois driving license doesn’t take forever or thousands of hours. This accomplishment can be pursued stress-free if you put in a lot of effort and satisfy all the set requirements. To obtain your driver’s license, you must pass a written, vision, and driving test.

An Illinois DMV practice test is imperative in your journey to becoming a licensed driver. Knowledge is important if you want to become an accomplished, licensed, and experienced driver. To pass your written driving test, you have to amass robust information and practice hard.

Many people fail their driving tests because they consider themselves more skillful drivers than they are. You have to know the set driving rules in Illinois and follow them closely. Lack of driving knowledge about set road rules is a key factor in most accidents.

Everything to know about the Written Illinois DMV Driving Test

Safe and skillful driving is a recipe of knowledge, the right attitude, skills, and experience. It all starts by passing a written driving test. And you have to practice extensively to pass with flying colors.

Written driving tests in the state of Illinois are not as daunting and hard as you may think if this is your first try. The written exam will require you to identify traffic signs and rules. You have to get as many questions right as possible about the state’s traffic laws.

A written Illinois driving license test entails 35 questions. 15 questions from this equation will test how well-acquainted you are with traffic or road signs. The rest of the questions will cover different issues concerning traffic laws and safety.

You will need a score of 80% to pass the Illinois written driving test. If you fail your test, fret not. You can still attempt a charge-free test within the year if possible. To pass your written driving test on the first attempt, prepare properly and practice as hard as possible. You must give the test all the attention and stay determined to excel.

How to Prepare for the Illinois Written Driving Practice Test

If you take the time to prepare and undertake the Illinois DMV practice test, you will pass it on your first attempt. Written tests exist in Illinois to test what an aspiring driver knows about set traffic laws and rules. Driving test failure will say less about how difficult it was and more about your lack of preparation and practice.

Serious learners have to take at least 10 hours to prepare and practice to have a good passing rate. Read on about the easy-to-use tips to help you prepare for your test.

  • Get a Copy of the Illinois Driver’s Manual

Get an Illinois driver’s manual and read it. This manual has a lot of information to help make the test easier. Study the handbook and gather the crucial information you need to answer all the questions in the exam.

Get a copy of the widely regarded “Illinois Rules of the Road” state official driving manual. This handbook contains all the traffic laws, parking laws, traffic signs, and safety. All the questions in the written driving test come directly from the manual. Once you read the manual, you will be in a good position to sit for your exam.

  • Practice Online

Your driving test manual is great, but you must utilize more advanced and reliable resources. To gauge your knowledge, take online tests. The DMV written test you find online offers several written practice exams you can take from the comfort of your home, school, or office.

You will encounter several questions different from the official tests and get the right information when you take the exams. Study first and then take one of the online practice tests. See how well you score and learn more about your failed questions.

An Illinois DMV practice test will boost your confidence, especially if you can see an improvement in your score. Key resources you will need are an internet-connected laptop or PC or your smartphone. There are also apps you can use and prepare in advance and properly for your written driving test.

Why Taking a Practice Test Is Important

Don’t have any reservations about taking the Illinois DMV practice test, even if you run out of time. This is an easy test; your practice test results will tell much about your preparedness and what to expect. You will easily keep track of your progress before you can take the real written driving test.

Besides learning the features of the written driving test, you familiarize yourself with the real material and identify knowledge gaps. Practice tests also provide driving license learners with a means to alleviate anxiety, gain more confidence, and cement knowledge. Remember, the Illinois DMV practice test you come across online is free to take as many times as you wish. By the end of the day, you will prepare for the text ahead and enjoy the experience of becoming a better driver who keeps safety first.