Illinois Road Rules Test 3

Some specific topics covered in our practice test include:

  • Illinois traffic laws and regulations
  • Road signs and their meanings
  • Driving safety guidelines
  • Rules of the road

Illinois Road Rules Test 03

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In what circumstances can you pass a vehicle in a construction zone?

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If you park on a street with a curb and your vehicle is facing downhill, which way should you point your wheels?

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When stopped by police officers, you should not exit your vehicle unless...?

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Turning right into a three lane roadway, which lane should you enter?

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Which of these is it prohibited to cross?

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Drivers under the age of 21 convicted of two or more moving violations within a 24 month period will have their driver's license suspended for a minimum of...?

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Which of these groups are forbidden from drinking alcohol in a vehicle?

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You must not park within what distance of a fire station driveway?

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You must obey the posted speed limit in a construction zone...?

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If your license is stolen, you must present a police report to receive a duplicate if you are below the age of...?

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License holders supervising drivers with instruction permits must have held a valid license for at least how long?

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The responsibility for ensuring that all passengers in a car are safely secured lies with...?

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You can use cannabis before or while driving...?

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What is the maximum number of vehicles you can tow behind your vehicle?

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What is the speed limit in rural areas in Illinois?

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In residential areas, a school bus will give at least how much notice that they are going to stop?

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Your driving privileges will be suspended if you leave the scene of a crash where damages over what sum were incurred?

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If you are involved in or come upon traffic crash you should do what?

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With certain exceptions, you must not drive in the left lanes of an interstate highway or full access control freeway unless...?

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If you refuse to take a breath test or an officer believes that a blood test may disclose the presence of drugs, if you are found guilty of DUI you may be held financially liable for the costs of blood tests up to what sum?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible to use somebody else's disabled parking placard or license plates when they are not present?

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It is illegal to drive if you have a blood alcohol content of more than...?

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The minimum license revocation for DUI on first conviction is what?

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Funeral processions have right-of-way over...?

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When approaching a disabled vehicle using hazard lights on a four-lane highway, the law requires that you...?

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Preparing for Your Illinois Written Drivers Test

Illinois Written Drivers TestIf you happen to be experiencing some worry, or even a lot of worry, regarding preparing for the Illinois written drivers test, the best thing you can do is to refrain from worrying. Many testify that the test is not as horrific as some people thought it may be. The truth of the matter is that worrying will not help you, and you will probably be able to pass the test quite well if you are careful to apply the necessary preparations.

It is noted that the purpose of the written test is to indicate to the state of Illinois that those who are provided with a driver’s learning permit have a true comprehension of the driving rules to ensure that they will drive safely and obey the laws regarding traffic and driving. As a result, this article provides some beneficial tips that are easy for you to implement to aid you in preparing for your upcoming written driving test.

Get the driver’s manual

Before doing anything further, you must obtain a copy of the official driving manual of the state of Illinois. The title of this manual is regarded as being Illinois Rules of the Road. The manual consists of information regarding laws for traffic, laws for parking, laws for safety, and road signs. The manual possesses the complete information that you will require to empower you to be knowledgeable about all the laws and how to maintain a high level of safety while you are driving.

The questions presented in the written test are based on information from the manual. Thus, if you take the time to study the manual carefully, the reality is that you should do well on the test. However, you are advised to apply the rest of the advice we will share here in this article.

Moreover, you can access the manual in PDF form. You can download the PDF version to your preferred devices, such as your tablet, computer, smartphone, or even your e-reader. This is a great option, as it will permit you to have the manual always at your disposal when you have some free time to look over it.

Online tests

Indeed, to do well on the test, the manual plays a large role. However, it is necessary for you to measure your level of knowledge before taking the written test. A great way to determine your level of comprehension is to take some practice tests online. The good news is that the DMV Written Test allows you to take many different tests as a sort of practice session before you take the real test. The questions that are in the practice tests are the ones that are in the real test, which means that you will be provided with the correct information before taking your real test.

The most advantageous method to use the practice tests is to study the manual first and then take a practice test. Look at how well you performed on the practice test. Review the questions that you did not answer correctly. Spend more time studying those answers and then set aside some time to participate in another practice test. When you do this, over time, there should be some noticeable improvements regarding the score that you receive. This is a great way to boost your confidence regarding taking the real Illinois written drivers test.

Use an app

Getting an app you can put on your smartphone or tablet to increase your comprehension and empower you to do better on your written driving test is also possible. This is a great method to get the extra study help you need. The apps are highly convenient because they are available to you anytime that you have some extra time to do some more studying and reviewing for your written test. Consider the app for the DMV Practice Test or Drivers Ed, as they are considered two of the top ones.

Do not rush

Never rush through your written test. It is okay to take your time. This will allow you to read the questions carefully and answer them confidently and correctly. Be calm; the reality is that when you have studied, reviewed, and prepared as well as you can, you will likely achieve great results on your Illinois written driver test.