North Carolina Road Rules Test 2

Our practice tests are not only tailored to the North Carolina DMV requirements, but also constantly updated to reflect any changes in traffic laws and road signs. This ensures that you are studying the most relevant and up-to-date material, giving you an edge over other test takers.

As you go around a curve, what should you be doing?

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If you miss your exit on the interstate, what should you do?

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Drivers will be compelled to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles if they are convicted of DWI with a blood alcohol concentration of…?

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At which of these times are slippery roads most dangerous?

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Children should be restrained with booster seats until they can sit normally so the lap part of a seatbelt stretches across…?

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You should not park within what distance of an emergency vehicle stopped to investigate an accident or give assistance?

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How many points will you receive on your license for passing a stopped school bus?

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Which of these is a sign that you are becoming drowsy when driving?

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Your license may be suspended if you accumulate how many points on it within a three-year period?

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If a school bus stops for passengers, all traffic in both directions should stop in which of these scenarios?

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To signal a right turn you should do what?

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Which of these can affect your ability to drive safely?

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Unless otherwise posted, what is the maximum speed limit outside cities and towns in North Carolina?

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If you experience a blowout, what should you do with the steering wheel?

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If you have your high beam headlights on at night, you should be able to see a person how far away?

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You are probably in another driver’s blind spot when you are alongside them if you cannot see…?

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When you have to stop at a railroad crossing, you must stop no closer than what distance from the nearest rail?

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You must have a light on your license plate which makes your registration readable from a distance of at least what?

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When operating a vehicle it is forbidden to use a cell phone for…?

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You should turn on your headlights at any time when visibility is below…?

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If you change your name from that on your driver license you must notify the division within what time frame?

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Where the speed limit is below 45 mph, you should signal at least what distance before turning or stopping?

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If you are stopped by a police officer, which of these should you not do unless they ask you to?

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You must never park within what distance of a fire hydrant or the entrance to a fire station?

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When two facing vehicles approach an intersection at the same time, with one wanting to go straight on and the other wanting to turn left, who has right-of-way?

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All You Need to Know about NC Driving Test

NC Driving TestDo you want to know about the NC driving test? Are you looking for more information to pass the test without any hassle? If yes, you are in the right place. The following section will cover everything enabling you to get your North Carolina driver’s license. You will know what to prepare and how to prepare for the test. It is worth mentioning that you will have to go through a road evaluation and written test to get a license. You can use different materials to prepare for the written test. However, covering the Driver’s Handbook of North Carolina would be best.

Apart from that, you can consider writing the practice test. You will find many practice tests online. You can write as many as possible to familiarize yourself with the question patterns. Online practice tests will make you confident. More importantly, you will know your weaknesses and strengths after writing the practice tests, and you can improve to perform better next time.

More about the NC Driving Test

You might know you will have to take a written test and pass the road test. Have you ever thought of a vision test? Yes, it is there, and you will have to appear for the vision test. However, you do not need to prepare for the vision test. However, you must ensure you meet the vision standards to drive safely. You can wear your contact lenses or glasses during the vision test. It is worth mentioning that you will have to use your vision support while driving. Otherwise, you might end up giving penalties.

What about the Written Test Questions

The written test will have twenty-five questions. If you can write twenty correct answers, you can pass the test. You will have to score eighty percent to pass the written test. Regarding questions, you can expect questions about safe driving practices and traffic laws. More importantly, you can write the test in different languages. If you want, you can take an oral test instead of the written test.

There will be questions about warning signs and other regulations in traffic laws. You need to identify the color and shape of the road signs. You can move to the road test if you score eighty percent or more on the written test. In the road test, the officers will test your driving and how you manage the driving patterns.

How to Prepare for the Test

As mentioned earlier, you will have to cover the Driver’s Handbook. Yes, the book will have all the information about safe driving and traffic laws. However, the handbook will have more than a hundred pages. You can go through them whenever you have time. You can make notes of essential points. Before the test, you can check your notes instead of reading the book.

Once you feel confident about your skills, you can write practice tests. You should avoid taking practice tests without preparing well. If you do so, you might not be able to perform well. Also, it might impact you. Therefore, first, you must cover the handbook, and then you can take practice tests.

After writing practice tests, you can know whether your preparation is thorough. If you struggle to write answers, you need more preparation before appearing for the written test. Write the practice tests whenever possible. Once you perform well, you can think of taking the written driving test.

What is Inside the Driver’s Handbook?

The driver’s handbook is all about driving rules, safe driving, warning signs, and other driving-related things. If you cover this book, you will not only pass the book, but you can also drive safely. The book will enable you to stay safe on the road and prevent accidents. Here are a few things that you will encounter while going through the driver’s handbook.

Driving Conditions

Some people control their vehicles when they are not fully conscious. As a result, they have an accident. Therefore, ensure you have rested adequately before sitting in the driver’s seat. If you are sleepy, you will endanger your and others’ lives. Also, avoiding all the mental distractions while on the road would be best. You should avoid using your cell phone while driving. You should also avoid taking medications that can make you sleepy while controlling your vehicle.

Safety Rules

You must wear your seat belt when your car is in motion, and your family and others should wear seat belts while traveling in the vehicle. You must wear the seat belt correctly, and you must stop your car for a school bus with flashing red lights.

 Skills You Need to Be Aware of

First, you will have to understand the signs and signals. It will help you pass the driving test and avoid getting a ticket in the later phase. Here are some essential things you should know before writing the test.

  • Slow down your vehicle while entering curves.
  • Drive on the right side all the time unless you are instructed not to do so
  • Maintain two car lengths safe distance from your front vehicle
  • Always follow the road speed limits
  • Read the traffic signs and follow the instructions
  • The stop sign indicates a complete stop, and you need to follow it
  • You need to be aware of the yield and school zone
  • You cannot cross when there is a no-passing sign
  • Check the pavement markings and understand their meanings
  • Understand traffic signals

You can check all these in the driver’s handbook. If you are thorough in this book, you can pass the NC driving test without any exceptions. The book alone has all the required written and road test materials. If you cover this book, you do not need to look for other sources.

Wrapping It Up

You might not find the NC driving test difficult with adequate preparation. You can start with the driver’s handbook and then take practice tests. Once fully confident, you can go ahead with the written test.