North Carolina Road Rules Test 1

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As you approach a curve, which of these should be doing?

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At intersections with stop signs you must…?

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To make a three-point turn, the first thing you should do is…?

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If somebody behind you blows the horn to show they are going to pass you, this means…?

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If you break down on the interstate, which of these should you do?

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When leaving the interstate, you should enter the exit lane…?

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Unless otherwise posted, what is the speed limit in cities and towns in North Carolina?

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If your car stalls on a railroad crossing and train is coming, what should you do?

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You should never park within what distance of the curb line of an intersecting street?

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When two or more vehicles reach an intersection at the same time, which vehicle has right-of-way?

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Children cannot use standard seatbelts without an appropriate child passenger restraint system if they are under the age of eight and weigh less than…?

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Failing to yield right-of-way when entering an intersection in such a way that a serious bodily injury occurs can result in a suspension and fine of…?

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When you are backing up, you should not exceed…?

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When driving long distances, you should plan to stop, stretch and have a walk at least once every…?

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Which of these is the only person allowed to occupy the front passenger seat in a vehicle driven by someone on a Limited Learner Permit?

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If a pedestrian takes right-of-way over you in your car, you must stop…?

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You should never make a pass on a curve or hill when you cannot see at least what distance ahead?

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If you drift off the edge of the road, how should you recover your position?

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When you pass another vehicle, you must give them a minimum of how much space?

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What should you do when you are approaching or being approached by an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and/or sirens activated?

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To signal a left turn you should do what?

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When changing lanes, which of these should you do?

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When you have to stop at a railroad crossing, you should stop no more than what distance away?

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If you are signaled to pull over by a police officer but there is no safe place to immediately stop, what should you do?

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For safe driving, when a vehicle ahead of you passes a fixed point you should not pass that point until how much time has elapsed?

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Tips on Preparing for NC Permit Test

NC Permit Practice TestYou can’t blame yourself for being nervous about the NC Permit test since it is nerve-wracking. You can never know what will come from it, but you will be less nervous if you prepare for it in the best way possible. In this situation, confidence is key, and you would want to be pretty confident entering a test that would mean good things for your future if you get the score you were looking for. Of course, that is far from a sure thing, as you won’t know if you got the score until the results are announced. Until then, you would want to know some tips to feel that your chances of getting good scores are pretty high. Here are a few tips for you once you are finally in the mood to prepare for the NC permit test:


Answer Practice Tests

Plenty of free NC DMV practice test options are available online, most of which are free. Hence, you better take full advantage of this and answer all of them, as that won’t take too long. Better check out if you were right after answering the exams, so make sure the NC permit practice test that you are answering has an answer key. If not, then it won’t make much sense to do it. There will be quite a few tests that will present some pretty challenging questions. This is the time when you would realize how important practice is. After all, when you encounter these questions on the test, you would probably panic a bit, especially when you think the entire test would be like that. However, when you get used to questions like that, you would answer the same NC permit practice test to see if you have learned your lesson. After all, there is a chance that you will see the same questions in the actual exam. That is where they get the questions they put into their test. Thus, you had better be ready to answer these questions. As you know, luck did not make the NC permit practice tests. These practice exams will open your eyes to what you can expect when you finally try to take the exam.

Ask Past Test Takers

Undoubtedly, you know many people who took the NC permit test in the past. It would be much better to ask them how it went down. You can even ask questions, but it is doubtful that they will remember all of them. You better make sure that you completely trust the person that you are asking because other people can just give you the wrong information just for the heck of it. It would be better to enlist the help of people who were really with you through thick and thin. They may even help you until they go down the wire and see what would happen when you take the test.

Study Hard

It is better not to go out at night and drink the night away until after taking the exam. It would be a lot better if you would prepare for the task ahead by looking at books and other study materials. You can feel motivated about doing group study with others tasked with answering the same thing. Of course, you can get some tips from the other people with you. On the other hand, they will get the same thing from you, which is probably the best thing for everyone involved. It would be time to put all that effort into your preparation and see if all that hard work would pay off in the end. There are times when it would not come to a head, though, as it would be much better to see if some good luck charms would pay off. After all, you would want to do it, and there is no harm in trying these things. It would be alright to lose sleep since this is the time that would prove to be unforgettable.

Avoid Distractions

If you want to prepare for the exam in the best way possible, you would need to turn off all the distractions that would come into play. After all, that would dictate how you would get into the groove of preparing for the NC permit test. The permit will be helpful shortly. It will be crucial to avoid the habits you are used to when it matters the most. There will be sudden happenings that you will look to not distract you from what is important. After all, you would want to be laser-focused on the ultimate goal. The distractions can include having your friends invite you to events you probably would not want to participate in any way.

All in all, getting the NC permit practice test can be advantageous. However, that is not a sure thing, as you can still answer quite a few things regarding what may come out in the exam. There is a chance that they would change their mind about the questions at the last minute. However, you can’t overlook the opportunity you have right now. After all, it would probably be a long time before you would have a chance to do it all over again. It would show how laser-focused you are right now, so better prepare all your pens if it is a physical test. If it is an online test, you better check your speed so that the Internet connection won’t buffer during the most crucial times of the exams.