Ohio Road Rules Test 5

Our comprehensive Ohio BMV Practice Test has been tailored to follow the guidelines set by the Ohio BMV for each type of driver’s license test. Our aim is to help you build your knowledge, speed, accuracy, and confidence – all essential elements for a successful exam.


Ohio Road Rules Test 05

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You must not park within what distance of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing?

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If you are turning right from the right-hand lane of a three-lane carriageway into another three-lane carriageway, which lane should you end up in on the new road?

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At a STOP sign, you should...?

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When driving you should be prepared to yield right-of-way under what circumstances?

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What is the maximum speed at all times on freeways with paved shoulders inside municipal corporations?

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It is only permissible to drive on a sidewalk under what circumstances?

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What is the maximum speed on state routes within municipal corporations outside urban districts?

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When parking, you must leave at least how much space to the vehicles in front and behind?

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When you hear or see an emergency vehicle when you are on a roundabout, what should you do?

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If you start to skid, you should...?

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Any probationary license holder will have their driving license suspended for how long for three moving violations?

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A broken yellow line down the middle of a highway means what?

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If you're waiting to turn left, it's safest to keep your wheels pointed in what direction?

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If a vehicle has stopped at a crosswalk, you can overtake it...?

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On a two-lane highway, you may only pass a vehicle on the right if...?

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If you have to abandon your vehicle on train tracks, you should run away...?

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Motorists from nations outside the USA who are genuine tourists may drive in Ohio on their own country's license for up to...?

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You must not park within what distance of the end of a safety zone?

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At a T intersection without STOP or YIELD signs, who has right-of-way?

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At a four way intersection where all drivers face stop signs, which driver should proceed first?

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Roundabouts are always negotiated..?

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A first offense of OVI 'Operating a Vehicle while Impaired' draws a minimum jail time of...?

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Approaching an intersection that has no STOP or YIELD sign, you should...?

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The best way to eliminate a blind spot is to do what?

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How many points will you receive on your license for exceeding the limit by more than 10 but less than 30 mph in an area where the speed limit is 55 mph plus?

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How To Prepare For Ohio Driver's Written Test

Ohio Driving Permit TestDriving comes with a lot of responsibility. Knowing the rules of the road is not optional for anyone who wants to drive any vehicle in Ohio. The knowledge of rules is to be demonstrated by passing the required written test. Drivers are then given a driving permit after passing the test. 

Passing the Ohio driving permit test requires adequate preparation. It will be difficult to pass the test without studying and preparing for it. Therefore it starts by knowing where and how to get the study materials. When gathering study material, consider your schedule. Other people look at the cost of access and the duration of studying.

Here is how to prepare well for the written test.

Gathering and Using Studying Materials

  1. Read the Driver’s Manual

The Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws is a comprehensive guide containing the information drivers must know before taking the test. Knowing this information improves the chances of passing the test. The good thing about this guide is that it is official. The guide contains laws to observe in traffic, when parking the car, or when driving elsewhere. It includes information on road signs, emergencies, and general safety guidelines to observe when driving a vehicle in Ohio.

This guide even contains a sample test for those waiting for an Ohio driving permit test. You can gauge how well prepared you are to take the written test.

This guide is available online, so you won’t need to take one from the office. The PDF is easy to use even on your mobile device, including e-readers and tablets.

  1. Try Online Tests

Although the above guide has a practice exam, you require more practice tests to prepare enough for the written test. The practice exam in the guide is limited. It does not expose you to all the areas and issues the test covers.

For this reason, several websites provide practice or sample written tests. A good example is the DMV Written Test, which can be taken after reading the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws. The website has several tests that help you prepare adequately for the written test. You can skim over the guide and then take the first test. This will give you an idea of the areas to be studied further. You can then keep repeating the reading as you retake tests.

Most of these tests can be downloaded and taken offline at home. Some are paid, and others are free. Some websites will randomize tests every time you start. The length of randomized tests also differs from one provider to another. You can choose the most convenient length depending on your work, school, and home schedules. This prevents you from repeating tests because you did not complete the previous one, as they are randomized.

  1. Consider Test Apps

Test apps to help you prepare for the written Ohio driver’s test are also preferable because they can be used on the go. Therefore, these apps are best for those with flexible schedules. You can use them easily when traveling, at work, or in school. Most of these apps are interactive and are much better than reading the guides. Some of the apps to consider when preparing for the written test include https://driver.education/

The first app works for Android and iOS devices, and switching between mobile devices and laptops is possible when using it. For those who need downloaded references, the app allows you to download online courses for offline usage. When repeating the test, the app will randomize the questions to present you with new material. Hence, they are less boring than the PDF guides. With the app you need not take any class trips or lectures while using this app. You can indeed contact support at any time of the day, and they will help. 

The DMV Permit Test is also a free Android app. This app is especially for those preparing to take driving tests in Ohio. It presents you with sample questions asked in the actual exam by the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicle. You get more than 300 Ohio DMV practice questions. These questions help you know and use all the traffic and road signs in Ohio. They also help drivers understand the dashboard symbols and other things needed by a driver.

With the DMV Permit Test app, you can bookmark questions to view or answer later. The app will alert you when a question is answered incorrectly. The progress meter will help monitor your readiness for the written test, so you do not have to estimate your readiness manually. On this app, you can also compare your score with the Top five Scorers of your state.

  1. Online Driver Education

Structured online driver education is a common option for Ohio students preparing to take written driver tests. These courses are tailored to meet different needs. For instance, some websites allow people to take them at night only or during weekends. These courses are provided via websites to take them on any device.

Most are flexible enough for those who have busy schedules. All that is required is studying for a given number of hours before taking an exam or certification. Nevertheless, all of them have 24/7 access. Some courses are more suitable for teens preparing to become drivers.

When taking these courses, you will engage in interactive activities and quizzes on learned concepts. However, it is important to look for courses approved by the DPS for Ohio Driver Education requirements.

One advantage of these structured courses over self-administered driver education is that you might get a certificate on completion. This is in addition to preparing you for the written driver test. Another advantage is that they ensure quality driver education. Without a structured schedule, the test may make you unprepared. The temptations of postponing test preparation and studies are always higher when the learning is not structured. However, one challenge for some people is that they are paid.