Pennsylvania Road Rules Test 4

In addition to our practice tests, we also provide resources for studying and reviewing the material covered in the test. Our materials include diagrams and illustrations to help you understand complex concepts visually. We also thoroughly review traffic laws, road signs, and driving regulations specific to Pennsylvania.

When stopped by police officer, what should you do with your hands?

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Holders of a junior driver's license may not drive unaccompanied (except for public/charitable service, employment or as a fire volunteer) between which hours?

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If the rear of your vehicle starts skidding, what should you do?

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To avoid being injured by the airbag, your chest should always be at least what distance from the airbag cover?

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Which of these drivers is exempt from wearing a seatbelt when driving in Pennsylvania?

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If you park unlawfully in a parking area for disabled persons, you may be fined up to…?

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It is generally better to try to steer around the hazard than to hit the brakes, especially at speeds over…?

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If your license is suspended for refusing to submit to a chemical test, how much will you have to pay to have it reinstated after a first offense?

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If someone has been killed or injured in a crash or a vehicle has to be towed as a result of a crash, if the police are not present in must be reported to the Department of Transportation within…?

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If you start hydroplaning, what should you do?

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It is recommended that children should ride in the rear seat of a vehicle until they are at least what age?

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If you change your name or address, you must notify the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within what time?

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To avoid over driving your headlights on a dark road at night, you should keep your speed to a maximum of…?

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If you are convicted of texting when driving, you will pay a fine of...?

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Children must be buckled into a federally-approved child passenger restraint system if they are under the age of…?

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You must never park within what distance of a driveway entrance to a fire station?

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You should never pass a bicyclist unless you can give them at least how much space?

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If you ignore signs or traffic control devices closing roads or highways due to hazardous conditions, you can be fined up to how much?

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Which of these is the only one that a funeral procession does not have right of way over?

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Failing to comply with a railroad crossing gate or barrier will result in a suspension of…?

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How many drinks can you have before alcohol adversely affects your driving?

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Failure to stop a school bus showing red lights and stop arm extended will result in a suspension of…?

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If your vehicle is not covered by insurance for 31 days or longer, your registration will be suspended for how long?

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How many points will you get on your driving record for exceeding the speed limit in school zone?

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As little as how much flowing water can float off smaller vehicles?

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Prepare Yourself For The Pennsylvania Learners Permit Test

PA Learner's Permit TestHaving a learner’s permit before driving any motor vehicle on roadways in Pennsylvania would be best. To obtain a driver’s license in Pennsylvania, you must prepare for the written tests and pass other tests, such as the road and vision tests.

The written test covers all the necessary information that you can find in the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual. This guide contains information about safe driving practices, road signs, traffic laws, and rules. The PA learners permit test consists of 18 questions, and you have to answer 15 of them correctly to pass the written test.

What is the PA learner’s permit test?

The PA learner’s permit test is the first step toward becoming a fully licensed motor vehicle driver. However, to get the permit, a person must pass the written knowledge and vision tests. Also, the person has to pay about $36 to the local PennDOT Driver’s License Center.

If the applicant is between 16 and 18, they will get a junior learner’s permit. This driving test consists of 18 multiple-choice questions based on the latest driver’s manual. You must correctly answer 15 or more questions to be eligible for the permit.

So, you must prepare yourself for the written driving test. Study the driver’s manual thoroughly so that you can answer any questions that come up. The written test covers questions regarding safe driving, Pennsylvania traffic rules, and road signs. The Driver’s Manual contains all the necessary information.

What is the process of getting a learner’s permit in Pennsylvania?

Here is the elaborate process of getting the learner’s permit.

  1. Prepare for the written driving test—If you need a learner’s permit, you have to pass the knowledge written test. The test comprises Pennsylvania’s traffic laws, driving techniques, and road signs. These are very important things, and you have to memorize them.

While it seems that the task is quite easy, in reality, you have to study a lot. To make things easy for you, one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the written test is to study the Driver’s Manual thoroughly.

It contains all the information that you need for the exam. Moreover, there are numerous websites where you can practice online and prepare yourself for the final exam. That way, you can raise your spirits and be confident about passing the exam.

  1. Gather the essential things—Before heading to the DMV, ensure you carry all the necessary documents. The permit application form is important because a doctor must fill out a section. So, visit the doctor in advance.

Proof of identity is another important document. A US passport or birth certificate should meet the requirement. Other items might include a social security card, a guardian consent form, and a check for the permit fee. It is wise to gather these items in advance.

  1. Visit the DMV – After learning about the ins and outs of various rules, regulations, and safety measures in Pennsylvania’s traffic laws, you can visit your nearest DMV. When the concerned person at the DMV has secured all the documentation, you need to give the vision test and written test.

Regarding the vision test, you can wear your contact lenses or glasses if you need them. After that, you must prepare for the written driving test, which consists of 18 questions. You need to correctly answer 15 of them or more to pass the exam.

However, if you fail to earn the minimum score required for the written exam, you can retake the exam on the following day. But this situation wouldn’t have happened if I had studied the Driver’s Manual well enough. You will receive the learner’s permit when you pass both tests.

What are the criteria for obtaining a learner’s permit in Pennsylvania?

If you are considering getting a learner’s permit in Pennsylvania, here are some conditions you must fulfill.

  • A learner’s permit application form
  • Identity proof, for example, a US passport or birth certificate
  • The social security card
  • A duly signed parent consent form
  • A check for the necessary fee

When all the criteria mentioned above are fulfilled, you have to pass the learner’s permit written and vision test. The written knowledge test comprises 18 questions relating to traffic rules and regulations and safety measures to be maintained while driving.

You pass the written permit test when you answer 15 questions or more than that correctly. However, prepare yourself for the test so that you can pass it on the first attempt. Also, you can take the help of online practice tests available from numerous websites.

Can practice tests help you to pass the written exam?

Every prospective driver should take help from the practice test session before attempting the final PA learner’s permit test. These practice tests ensure you can pass the final one without hurdles. So, if you want to pass the written test successfully, the only way is to attend the practice tests.

Earning your Pennsylvania learner’s permit means passing the written exam with flying colors. The exam includes topics related to road signs and regulations that test your driving skills whenever you are on the road. The Driver’s Manual is the only way to prepare for the practice and final tests, as it contains all the information.

These practice tests are similar to the payout on the final permit test. And there will be 18 to 20 questions. The questions will cover all the important topics you will face on the final exam. You need to score at least 80% to pass the practice tests.

Taking the practice tests many times gives you enough confidence to take the final exam. Many people find the main exam much easier after taking the practice tests. So, the more you study and practice, the learner’s permit will be in your hand in less time.