New York Road Rules Test 3

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New York Road Rules Test 03

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If a probationary or junior license holder is convicted of a first offense of using a hand-held mobile telephone while driving, they will have their license suspended for...?

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Which of these should you avoid when driving?

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On a two lane highway, there are two solid lines running down the middle of the road. What does this mean?

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To avoid drowsy driving, you should not drive within what time of waking up?

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A driver with their left arm pointing horizontally out of the window is indicating what?

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A red light means...?

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You must turn your headlights on...?

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If you have any passengers under 16 not wearing a seatbelt or restrained with a child restraint system, you can be fined up to how much?

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When a railroad crossing has lowered crossing gates, a bell ringing and/or flashing red lights, you must stop at least how far from the tracks?

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A first offense of aggravated driving while intoxicated can incur a maximum of what fine and/or jail term?

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What percentage of crashes involve rear end collisions?

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When you enter a roundabout, you should start signaling for your exit...?

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As long as your vehicle is registered to you, you must carry liability insurance for a minimum of how much against the death of one person?

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Most automobile skids are the result of...?

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When approaching a yield sign...?

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You must switch your headlights to low beam when you come within what distance of an oncoming vehicle?

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When passing a vehicle using the oncoming traffic lane, you must not do so unless you can safely return to the right-hand lane before any oncoming vehicle gets within what distance of you?

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The minimum sanction for a first offense of passing a stopped school bus is what?

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When turning left from a two-way road into a two-way road, you should begin your turn from...?

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A no parking sign means...?

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What percentage of highway deaths in New York state involve the use of alcohol or drugs?

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You must not park within what distance of a crosswalk at an intersection?

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Which of these offenses will result in five points on your record?

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If you are involved in a crash that has to be reported to the DMV, you must do so within...?

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If you miss your exit on the expressway, what should you do?

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How to Pass Your Learners Permit Test NY

Learners Permit Test NYAfter you have passed your driving test, it’s time to learn the rules of the road. The NY learners permit test is difficult, and you must prepare yourself for it. It’s just like any other exam you might have taken, but your learner’s permit is on the line this time.

So, without making things more dramatic, here are five ways you can pass your learner’s permit test in New York.

Prepare Yourself

While the test might seem tough, it’s not. You have to memorize many things, but there is an easier way to do this. Just remember the time you memorized other information and scored an excellent grade. By motivating yourself to study, you can memorize the driver’s handbook quickly.

Start As Early As You Can

Being lethargic here won’t work. If you keep putting things on tomorrow, the day you study will never come. Therefore, it’s best to start as early as possible. Since you have to cram a lot of information, give your brain the time to absorb each day. This would reduce the stress of learning different things in one go and take the pressure off your shoulders.

Visualize Your Learning Process

Our strongest memory is of things we visualize. Whether we see it with our eyes or trick our brains by imagining, it always sticks in our heads. Using your visualization skills in the learners permit test in NY can be a robust strategy. Just imagine yourself performing the task you are reading, and you will be able to recall it smoothly.

Trust Yourself

One of the main reasons people fail the learner permit test in NY is that they don’t trust themselves. Memorizing the driver’s handbook can be daunting, and it stays with us during the test. You have to trust that what you have learned is in your head, and going back and forth will only make you forget what you already know.

Go To Sleep

This might sound like something your mom would advise and unrealistic, but it’s true. Sleeping helps improve our memory. Your brain is like a library, and whatever you study or read needs to be stored in it. But continuous learning without sleep won’t give your brain enough time to store information. So, sleep 8 hours before your test; this will give your brain ample time to save what you have learned.

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