New York Road Rules Test 5

Our online DMV practice is tailored to help you prepare for the New York Permit Test. Our practice tests are regularly updated to reflect changes in the official exam, ensuring that you study with relevant and accurate material. With our simulated testing environment, you can experience what it will be like on test day, helping you to feel more confident and prepared.


New York Road Rules Test 05

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Which of these is the only way to reduce your blood alcohol concentration and the effects of alcohol?

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To avoid being injured when an airbag deploys, you should hold the steering wheel at what position?

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A tractor with a long hood may have a blind spot of how far in front of their vehicle?

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Where should you start to make a u-turn from, if on a multi-lane road?

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Children must use booster seats with lap and shoulder belts or child safety seats up to the age of what?

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If a vehicle is approaching you head-on in your lane, what should you do?

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To avoid being injured when an airbag deploys, you should leave at least what space between the center of your chest and the cover of the airbag?

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When entering a freeway, remember...?

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A child aged seven or younger may be restrained with a normal lap and shoulder belt without a booster seat if they are taller than...?

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White lines on the roadway mean...?

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In a no stopping zone, you may only stop if...?

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Blind pedestrians with guide dogs or white or metal canes have priority on marked or unmarked crosswalks...?

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When you approach an intersection on the main road, and the intersection is blocked with traffic. You should...?

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If a vehicle is displaying a reflective orange triangle at the rear, what does this mean?

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You must not park within what distance of a fire station driveway on the side of the road you are parking?

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When driving at night, you should drive at the speed that allows you to stop within the distance of what you can see with your headlights, which is around...?

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If you kill or seriously injure another person as a result of drinking alcohol or taking drugs, you can go to prison for up to...?

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Which of these is a good way to avoid becoming an aggressive driver?

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Upon approaching an intersection in which a traffic signal is not working, how should you proceed?

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You must switch your headlights to low beam when you come within what distance of a vehicle you are following?

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For a first offense of using a hand-held mobile telephone while driving, you can be fined up to...?

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If a person is injured in a crash, you should only move them if...?

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Which of these can convict you of impaired/intoxicated driving?

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When driving on a learner permit, your supervisor must sit...?

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It is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an incident if it involves...?

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Getting Ready for the Written NYS Permit Test? Here’s What To Know

NYS Permit TestPassing a written driving test in New York State is not as simple as you may think. You might find it quite daunting if you are a learner and dream of getting a driver’s license at all costs. The good news? A little preparation and insight into what the test entails can help.

The best and most helpful thing to do is to relax and stay calm. Having the right outlook about what a written NYS permit test entails can relieve anxiety. You must also believe in yourself and put maximum effort into the task.

Many aspiring drivers focus on just getting their driver’s license. However, passing a written knowledge test is a prerequisite you cannot skip in New York State. DMV written tests assess a learner’s knowledge of road signs and traffic or road rules.

During the test, your knowledge of safety and defensive driving skills and the standards and laws for driving under the influence of alcohol or drug use will also be verified. To pass your written test, you must answer at least 14 of the 20 questions provided correctly. A learner must also pass at least two questions about road safety signs from the four.

If you pass the theory test, you will get a temporary permit at the NYS DMV office or have it sent to your email within two weeks. Prepare thoroughly and in advance to be safe and excel in your endeavors.

How to prepare for the Written NY Driving Test

If you are nervous about passing your written NYS permit test for the first time, there is no need to stress. You are free to take your test as many times as you wish. But you don’t have to waste your time and energy when you can excel on your first trial.

The test is fair and standardized, so everyone, young or old, can take it under the same conditions. You can also do the test by computer, which is an added advantage if you are tech-savvy. A positive attitude will make it easy to get a positive score. Here is how to prepare hassle-free for your written driving test in NY.

  1. Review Your Driver’s Training Manual

For learners who did not go through the official driver’s training class and do not have a manual, it’s wise to sign up for a class. You can also buy a DMV cheat sheet and learn the basics. The internet has made it easy to access information, and you can get the manual online.

Nevertheless, ensure the driver’s training manual you get online is up-to-date with the latest New York state driving laws and regulations. You will gather robust material to help confidently answer the written test questions.

  1. Find a Study Partner

A study partner will motivate you, help you study, and prepare for the written examination. Your partner might devise incredible ways to practice test questions and find correct answers. And if you forget the due date for the text, your study partner will be there to help.

This can be someone who has already passed the written test or has a driver’s license. Your partner will keep you focused and determined to pass the written NYS permit test.

  1. Take the DMV Practice Test Online

An online DMV practice test can reduce your pressure or anxiety before the examination day. You will better understand what the test entails and what to expect.

You will significantly figure out areas of the test to pay close attention to and excel at. When you feel confident enough to take the practice test, you can also practice at home.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Before you sit for the test, give yourself time and relax. Get plenty of sleep the night before the driving test examination. You will feel more refreshed and confident to take the test.

  1. Thoroughly Read Each Question

Read the question thoroughly during the written driving test and pick the best answer. Don’t get a question wrong because you were too quick to answer.

To Sum Up

If you are confident enough and have the right mindset, passing an NYS permit test should not be difficult. Prepare early and gather robust information on what the test entails. Feel free to seek help if you are stuck and want to get your driver’s license.

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