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Texas Driving Test Online - Facts You Must Know

Texas Driving Test OnlineIf you live in Texas and want to apply for a driver’s license, you must complete the driver education training. It is for people between 18 and 24 years of age. The Department of Public Safety and Texas regulations require you to complete the Driver Education course.

Now, you can complete the course from the comfort of your home by signing up for an online course. Texas driving test online is important to appear for the test, which includes about 6 hours of training. This course prepares the applicant to take the written driver’s test.

What is a Texas driving test online?

The biggest advantage of the driver education course is that it includes the licensing test online. Previously, applicants who needed to take the driver’s test had to pick up the Texas driver’s handbook and gather knowledge before visiting the local DPS office.

They only dream of passing the written examination for a driver’s license in a single attempt. It is seen that most of them fail to pass through it. So, what if there is a better way to pass the exam? Well, these days, you have a great option.

Enroll in a driver’s education course and take the driver’s test online. Many websites provide this service. Instead of going through the manual for a driver’s license, you can access about six hours of online instructions and practical tests. The final test in the course is the written driving test.

After successfully passing the driver’s online test, you only need to print out the ADE-1317 certificate. Next, take the certificate to your local DPS office. It proves you have successfully passed the driver’s test course online. It means you don’t have to appear for the written test at the DPS office.

Why should you take the Texas DPS test online?

The main benefit of taking the Texas DPS test online is to avoid the noisy distractions, long queues, and hassles of the crowd at the DPS office. Visit a website of your choice and take up the driver’s license course online. Texas DPS approves these sites to provide online tests throughout the state.

It’s more than just a test. The course includes interactive online training. You can’t experience this by studying the driver’s license test manual. Moreover, you can access the online training from anywhere and anytime. The intuitive ways of learning help you understand the topics better.

When you finish the six hours of online training, you have three chances to pass the DPS online test. Most applicants appearing for the online test pass it on their first attempt. After completion, take a printout of your ADE-1317 certification. It is proof of passing the driver’s license test, and you must present it to your DPS office.

What are the features of the driving test online course?

An approved online driver’s education license course is the best way to drive safely. Here are the features.

  • Skip the DPS office lines
  • The shortest way to complete the course
  • Several exam attempts are allowed
  • Affordable pricing
  • Certificate included
  • Approved by the DPS office
  • Interactive study material
  • Great online reviews

Online Texas driving test requirements:

People living in Texas who are between 18 and 24 years old are eligible to take the driving test online. It is a 6-hour driver’s Ed course. The DPS needs everyone to pass the driver’s Ed course. You get three attempts to clear the online test from anywhere and anytime. So, if you are worried about passing the exam from the DPS office, you can take the Texas driving test online.

Steps to take the driver’s ed course:

There are many DPS-approved websites where you can take the online test and avoid the long queues and noisy environment in the DPS office. Completing the test successfully is pretty easy using the online method compared to the offline mode. Here are the simple steps through which you can achieve certification for the driving test hassle-free.

  • Take the driver’s ed course—With the approved websites from the concerned authority, you can register and begin your training immediately. The training has 24×7 access, and you can study from anywhere. The study material is very interactive and takes little effort to complete.
  • Pass the online test—After you have completed the training process and studied your coursework, it’s time for you to take the test. However, there is nothing to worry about because you have three attempts to pass the test successfully. It requires 70% or above to pass the exam. After you have passed, you only need to take the driving and vision test at the DPS office.
  • Get the certificate—Passing the test makes you eligible for the certificate of completion. You can get the same through the email address you provided during registration. Conveniently, you can get your certificate and then proceed to the DPS office for other formalities to obtain your driver’s license.

Benefits of driving test online:

  • Pass the DPS exam automatically—The best thing about the online test and its successful execution is that you pass the DPS written exam automatically. You get the certificate stating that you have completed the DPS written test. Present it to the DPS office and get your license.
  • Online is easy—Most students benefit from studying at their will. With online courses, you can study at your convenience. Moreover, it takes a little time to complete the course, so you can rest in between and start again.
  • Affordable price—Almost every website offers a competitive price range for the online driver’s license test. When the price is low, people want to take the training online. Sometimes, you can even get a money-back guarantee. This is handy when the online program doesn’t match your expectations.