Texas Road Rules Test 3

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Texas Road Rules Test 03

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For a second offense of driving without insurance, your vehicle will be impounded for...?

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Causing a crash that results in the death of a person can result in imprisonment of up to...?

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Fines for driving under the influence of alcohol in Texas can range up to what?

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To protect motorcyclists in case you are rear-ended, at stop signs or traffic lights you should stop what distance behind them?

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New Texas residents have how long to change their out-of-state or foreign license for a Texas driver license?

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You should always stop at a railroad crossing if you see an approaching train what distance away?

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You must not park within what distance of the driveway entrance to a fire station on your side of the street?

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When you are approaching a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights activated, you must move out a lane and, if the posted speed limit is less than 25 mph, slow down to...?

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What depth of water is enough to float many cars?

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If you are stopped by law enforcement officer, what should you do with your hands?

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On a level highway, it can take up to how much longer to pass a truck than passing a car?

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When you are approaching a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights activated, you must move out a lane and, if the posted speed limit is 25 mph plus, slow down to...?

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A driver holding the left arm out bent at the elbow with the forearm and hand pointing straight downwards is signaling what?

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What is the Texas speed limit for alleys?

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If you drive without a valid driver's license, you can be fined up to...?

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Children are excepted from the requirements to be secured in a child car seat if they are over the height of...?

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New residents to Texas must register their vehicles in Texas within what time of becoming a resident?

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Your car must have reflectors at the rear that can be seen for a minimum of what distance?

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In phase 2 of the Graduated Driver License program, license holder may not drive a motor vehicle with more than how many passengers under 21 who are not family members?

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Traffic violations for offenses committed within construction zones will be...?

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A first offense of DWI or DUI can result in what fine/jail time?

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In what circumstances do trains not have right-of-way at a railroad crossing?

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Individuals under the age of 21 will fail a breath test if it indicates they have a blood alcohol content of...?

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In which of these situations is it permissible to park in a disabled parking space using somebody else's disabled parking windshield identification card?

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If you change the name or address on your driver license, you must report the change to the DPS within...?

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All You Need to Know about Texas Written Driving Test

Texas Written Driving TestSo you want to write a Texas written driving test. You want to know more about question types to pass the test on the first attempt. The Department of Public Safety of Texas requires every first-time driver between fourteen and seventeen to complete a driver education course. While doing the course, you can apply for the learner’s permit. However, you will have to pass the Texas written driving test. After this, you can apply for a permit.

The process will be the same for people between eighteen and twenty-four years old. But they need to pass the adult driver’s education six-hour course. If you have not done an approved driver’s education course during your teen years, you can consider this option to get a driving license. First, you will have to do the course, and then you can pass the written test. After going through all these, you can apply for the license.

Texas Written Driving Test

Students taking driving courses must complete the first six hours of online training. After the training, they must pass the Texas written driving test. Once they pass the written test, they can apply for a learner’s permit. The first six hours of the course will cover everything in the driver’s handbook, including road signs, driving situations, and road rules.

Written Driving Test in Texas for Expired Licenses

You must renew your license before the expiry date. If your license has expired, you must pass the written driving test once more to re-issue it. Your age will not be a barrier. You must write the test again, regardless of age, when the license expires.

What Is the Question Pattern for the Written Driving Test?

In the written test, multiple-choice questions will be asked. There will be forty multiple-choice questions. The questions will be about traffic signs, road rules, and safety measures. All the questions will come from the driver’s handbook. If you cover the Texas driver’s handbook, you can answer all the questions. Also, you do not need to write all the correct answers. You can pass the test by answering thirty-two questions correctly.

Tips to Pass the Written Test

As stated earlier, you will have to cover the driver’s handbook. You can check the Texas Driver Manual, which is available online. You can also get a free copy from the local Department of Motor Vehicles. The material will help you to understand how to drive safely on the road. You will be aware of the traffic laws, directions, and signs. The driving test is all about testing your knowledge about road safety. It will ensure you understand the critical aspects of being on the road and know how to drive safely.

There will be some questions that you might have seen on road markings and signs. The test will include questions or situations you will face while driving on the Texas road daily. Here are more details.

  • There are questions about common traffic signals, including green lights, yellow lights, and red lights. You should know when these light signals are used, and you will have to write the correct answers to pass the test.
  • Road markings include white lines, broken yellow lines, and solid lines. You should know the meanings of these markings.
  • Special signs include pedestrian crossings, school zone speed limits, construction directions, and railroad crossings. Make sure that you know these signs and what they mean.
  • It will cover the speed limit signs, their usage, and the laws related to them.

These questions will test your knowledge about road rules and conditions. In addition, the test will ask questions about vehicle controls, such as how to stop your vehicle at four-way intersections and how to use mirrors for a lane change. Also, it will add questions about traffic violations such as road rage, eating, and talking on a phone while driving. In brief, you can expect road, driving, and traffic violation questions. As a driver, you must answer most of these questions correctly to be qualified to drive safely on Texas’s roads.

Is It Difficult to Pass the Texas Written Driving Test?

The difficulty level will depend on your preparation. You can cover the handbook and other traditional study methods to pass the test easily. The best part about the test is that all the questions will be direct. You will not have tricky questions. Also, it will come as a multiple-choice pattern. Therefore, you might not find it difficult. Even if you do not know the exact answer, you can visualize the scenario and choose the correct answer. Options will be there for your help. You will have to choose the most appropriate answer.

Can I Take the Written Driving Test Online?

Yes, you can take the test online. It is the most convenient and easiest way to write the written Texas driving test. Take six hours of online training and then consider the online written test. As mentioned above, the six hours of online training will cover everything to enable you to pass the test. Once you complete the training, you can apply for the test.

How Many Attempts Are Allowed?

You will be allowed to take three tests within ninety days. But there will be a waiting period. You need to wait for two weeks for the next test. Also, you must pay a $7 fee for the retest. However, your application will be rejected if you cannot pass in three attempts. Once your application is rejected, you must start all over again. You will have to pay $16 for a learner’s license and $25 for your full license. Also, you must pay $7 every time you appear for a retest. If you fail in the first three attempts, you will have to pay all these again.

With adequate preparation, you can pass the Texas written driving test. Write the test when you are fully confident. Doing so will avoid retests and rejection.