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Under which of these circumstances do not have to carry your driver license with you when driving?

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When a driver behind wants to pass you, what should you do?

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You must never park within what distance of a fire or a crash?

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If you are under 21, any trace of alcohol, marijuana, medications or illegal drugs that impair your ability to drive safely will result in stiff penalties, and your license will be suspended for.....?

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On a three-lane highway, for the smoothest driving you should select the…?

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If you disagree with a citation issued by a law enforcement officer, what should you do?

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You must not park within what distance of a railroad crossing?

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When parking facing uphill, which way should your wheels be pointing?

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On any road, you should travel at…?

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Which of these is the only legal reason for a minor to use a cell phone/electronic wireless communications device while driving?

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When parallel parking, you should enter the space at approximately what angle?

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If there are flashing red traffic signal lights at a railroad crossing, you should stop within what minimum distance of the nearest track?

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If you are pulled over by law enforcement officer, what should you do with your license?

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The only time a driver should use one hand on the steering wheel at 12 o’clock is when…?

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In which of these locations must you not make a U-turn?

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Making a right turn from a one-way street into a one-way street, you should start your turn from…?

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For the first 6 months, a driver with a graduated driver license shall not drive a motor vehicle between the hours of _________...?

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If your brakes get wet, you can dry them by doing what?

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Which of these reasons makes it permissible for a child under eight years of age to ride in the front seat of a vehicle (using a federally-approved child passenger restraint system)?

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It is illegal to drive in California under the adverse influence of which of these?

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Get Ready for Permit Test With Arizona Driver's Permit Practice Test

Arizona Driver's Permit Practice TestStates require drivers to obtain a driving license to keep their sanity on the road. The rationale behind this is to impart strong driving skills to protect the driver, other road users, and property. In other words, this is about establishing modalities that will ensure the prevention of accidents.

Like other states, Arizona requires a driver’s license before driving. This article will guide you on the Arizona driver’s permit practice test.

The Test and The Test Score

To pass the Arizona driver’s permit, you must score at least 24 out of the possible 30. This translates to a score of 80 %. To take this test, a minimum age of 15.5 years is required. It has been observed that 50 % of teen applicants for the Arizona written knowledge test fail it at the first trial.

It should be noted that undocumented immigrants cannot apply for a driver’s permit in Arizona. This complicates other opportunities, too, such as getting insurance. The federal policy is that illegal immigration should be discouraged by all means necessary. Therefore, an undocumented immigrant in Arizona should seek ways of regularizing his residence prior to applying for the permit; otherwise, applying for the permit will be a waste of time and money.

Preparing for the Test

Some people think they can easily pass such a test without necessarily preparing for it, but this can be very misleading and lead to poor outcomes. The fact is that one is safer preparing for the test before taking it. This will give you a guideline on what the test will look like, and you will be familiar with the possible questions. In addition to that, by preparing for the test, you are going to have the confidence that will come in handy to help you pass the test.

There are ample internet resources and Arizona driver’s permit practice tests for preparing for the test. However, one must be keen to identify reliable and authoritative internet sources. The main resource used for preparing this test is the Arizona Driver License Manual.

The manual is useful not just to new drivers but also to experienced ones. Authorities in Arizona aim to help motorists avoid pitfalls and be safe on the road. This manual’s advantage is that it does not concentrate on technical language or use jargon. However, the information in this manual may change at any time, and you should bear this in mind to avoid being inconvenienced.

The driving test curriculum in Arizona includes instructions on how to drive in an intersection, service signs, what to do after parking, and road signs. The trainer has the discretion to imagine scenarios requiring one to think outside the box. This is because creativity is a significant component of preventing accidents.

If you intend to take this test, do not be confined to meeting the minimum requirements. On the contrary, use this opportunity to challenge yourself to be an excellent driver. If you aim at this, you will be surprised at how such a move can save you or another person.

For instance, the reality show I Shouldn’t Be Living tells the predicament of people in difficult situations where they have to cheat death. Such situations include harsh climatic conditions or extremely bad roads. In such a situation, the people who survive are people who get lucky or people with extra skills, such as driving skills.

If you do good training for your Arizona permit test, you might earn a steady income as a driver, and drivers are in high demand in the country. You can do this by being employed as a driver or participating in competitions and sports that require driving skills.

Should you fail in this test, do not give up. Rather, think about how you can take the test a second time. However, before you do this, learn from your past mistakes and reflect on where you were wrong. Again, the second time, think about using real-life experiences without necessarily exposing you to the harm that comes with them.

Structure of the Test

The Arizona driver’s permit test is electronic and administered through a touchscreen computer at an MVD computer workstation. The authorities understand that certain people will have certain needs and preferences, so audio assists, and computerized audio test versions are provided as a response.

Rather than preparing for this test on your own, it is prudent to contact the experts who will guide you professionally. The test can require difficult-to-find tools and can be tedious.

Depending on your trainers, you may have access to a comprehensive program that may provide a replica of the actual exam. The experts will explain the road signs and the traffic rules that must be followed. They are going to explain to you the important information in a way that you can easily remember.

Some schools are going to provide visual features to the program. Some courses are not only fun but also engaging.

Cost of an Arizona driver’s Permit Test

The standard cost of the Arizona driver’s license test is $25. However, older people pay less of this amount. Some situations can warrant a replacement, including damaged photos and lost cards. The replacement can be done online, and it will cost $12.


Whereas the driving license is not straightforward to obtain, it has been very important in enhancing safety on the road and in enhancing the prevention of accidents. Therefore, prepare yourself using our Arizona driver’s permit practice test, and you will pass the test.