Texas Road Rules Test 4

  • Watch videos: Plenty of online resources, including videos, can help you understand road rules and safe driving practices visually.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: Being well-rested when taking the written test is essential. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before your exam.

Texas Road Rules Test 04

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You must never park within what distance of the end of a safety zone?

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Your license will be suspended if you rack up how many traffic convictions within a 24 month period?

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When you buy a vehicle, you must register it within what time of purchase?

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What is the Texas speed limit for urban districts?

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When following a motorcyclist, you should increase your following distance to at least...?

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Drivers under the age of 21 will have their license suspended for which of these offenses?

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When parallel parking, you must not park more than what distance from the curb/road edge?

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In good conditions at less than 30 mph, you should keep a minimum gap of what between yourself and the vehicle ahead?

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Parallel parking should begin alongside the vehicle you intend to park behind, approximately how far away from it?

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What depth of rushing water is enough to carry away pickup trucks, SUVs, and most other vehicles?

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A third or subsequent offense of DWI or DUI can result in what fine/jail time?

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You must not park within what distance of any entrance to a fire station on the opposite side of the street?

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Your license will be suspended if you rack up how many traffic convictions within a 12 month period?

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What is the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for driving in Texas?

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Causing a crash that results in serious bodily injury to another person can result in imprisonment of up to...?

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The horn on your car must be audible from what distance?

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Coasting downhill with your engine in neutral is...?

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When operating a motor vehicle in Texas, you must carry a minimum of how much liability insurance against injury or death for one person?

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When parking on any grade, you should always do what with the wheels of your vehicle?

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The tires on your vehicle must have a minimum tread depth of...?

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If you have a spotlight its beam must strike the road not more than what distance in front of your vehicle?

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It is illegal to possess an open container of alcohol motor vehicle passenger area on a public highway unless...?

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A fully loaded tractor-trailer at 55 mph takes approximately how much longer to stop than a car at the same speed?

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Under what circumstances can you share a lane alongside a motorcycle?

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If your license is suspended or revoked, you will have to pay how much to have it reinstated?

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Take Practice Permit Test Texas to Get Your License in First Attempt

Have you got a new car and don’t know how to drive? Are you a Texan who needs to learn how to drive? Did you recently move to Texas and need to take a permit test? Do you want to practice driving? Don’t worry; you can prepare for a Texas written driving test. A written driving test is not difficult to pass. You need to learn the basics and understand the rules of the road, particularly in Texas.

The Test

The test is composed of 40 questions. The questions are mainly about situations related to traffic and the road, as well as road signs. There may also be situational questions. So, to answer this type of question, you may try to imagine yourself in that situation. The questions are multiple-choice, so you only need to choose the best. The department makes these questions of Public Safety by the Texas state government. To pass the test, you need to have at least 32 correct answers out of 40 questions. You need to have 80% to pass the exam. That’s 10% more than the minimum passing rate in Texas schools, currently set at 70%.

The Requirements

Practice Permit Test TexasSuppose you are 14 to 17 years of age. In that case, you must take an approved Texas driver’s education course before receiving a driver’s license. At the practice, teens of the ages mentioned above can apply for their learner’s permits after passing the written driving test. However, suppose you are 18 to 24 (or higher) without a prior approved driver education course. In that case, you must complete the six-hour permit test-driving course and pass the written driving test before receiving a driver’s license. Now that you know the basic age requirements for the application for the written driving test, these are the steps for you to get a practice permit test in Texas:

  1. Proof of identity, such as Texas residency and social security number
  2. A completed application (prepare for an application fee)
  3. A parent or legal guardian (if you are a minor)
  4. Proof of enrollment (for applicants who are still a minor or a student)
  5. Signed the original form that you have completed a driver education program.

You need to complete this before taking your driving exam to avoid stress and hassle before the day of your exam. You must schedule the test in advance when you have completed all your requirements. Kindly visit this website of the Texas Department of Public Safety to schedule your exam:


With all the abovementioned steps, you can now have a practice permit test in Texas. Furthermore, aside from preparing your requirements and scheduling an examination, you need to ensure adequate knowledge about controlling your vehicle. You should know everything from the gear, emergency brakes, pedal, etc. You should also know how to maneuver appropriately by staying within your lane, using signals, checking blind spots, and making smooth transitions.

Preparing Before Your Exam

As usual, you are preparing before your exam takes time. You may need to read from the state’s driving manual/handbook provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety to know the basics about riding, the state’s laws, rules, and regulations regarding traffic, highway signs, and more. Studying will be a big help to you before your exam. Suppose you are currently planning to move to Texas or are a new resident of Texas. In that case, you must familiarize yourself with the driver’s manual provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You may try to download a copy online to avoid a hassle. Easy, right?

Practicing your Driving Skills

You will also need to practice your driving skills from proficient knowledge of controlling your vehicle. Texas teens need to have a driver’s course. So, if you don’t have proper driving knowledge, you must start practicing now! You need to enroll in a six-hour permit test. You may also opt to tell your driving instructor to practice beyond the six-hour limit so that you can have a better gauge of driving your vehicle. The longer you practice, the better you know driving.

Taking the Driver’s Test

Online driver’s test is the most convenient way to take your written driving test. During this time of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, state authorities have told you to stay at home, so the most likely in-person driving exam is less likely to happen. So, you need to take a written driving test online. There are a lot of online driving test examinations online. What you only need is your laptop and a reliable internet connection. Most written driving tests online offer six hours of training, including everything you need to know to pass the examination. When you have completed the training, you can learn to take the test with only three attempts to pass. You need at least 32 correct answers or 80% of the 40 questions to pass the exam.

When you have finished your exam, you will already know its result, so if you have passed, print your certificate. Please take it to the Department of Public Safety office as evidence that you completed your driver education course and completed your written driving examinations online. The department will allow you to give you a license or permit if you have not taken your test online.


Are you still finding driving and passing this written driving test challenging? When practicing for your written driving test, these are valuable tips for getting that license from the said department.

  1. Be calm. This is the key to avoiding making mistakes while practicing behind the wheel.
  2. Be confident. When you’re calm, your confidence kicks in, so you are now avoiding mistakes and trying to do the right things when you are practicing behind the wheel
  3. Keep your eyes on the road. This is also the most important thing so you can see the vehicles and the road signs ahead of your vehicle
  4. Check your mirrors. It is also important to be aware of your surroundings and to see the vehicles behind you.
  5. Watch for sudden changes on the road. This can be an accident, increasing traffic, or an intersection.

Now that you have learned everything to consider when practicing for the written driving test in Texas, what are you waiting for? Start your driving practice now and get a permit test to become a licensed driver in Texas!